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Never expected this comin... 8 17.39%
Ehhh... Apple will be back in 3 months. 8 17.39%
#Googlemasterrace 30 65.22%


Shocking reversal from just a year ago, were Apple was nearing 1 trillion. Google (or Alphabet its parent company) has officially past Apple's market capital, and if we talk after hours, Google is worth about 570 billion, while Apple would be worth 530 billion (note that the value's below aren't updated yet, as google stocks are stupid and don't update till the next trading day, though google is now ahead.

Alphabet Inc Class C
NASDAQ: GOOG - Feb 1 7:59 PM EST
752.00USD9.05 (1.22%)
After-hours791.0039.00 (5.19%)


Open 750.46
High 757.86
Low 743.27
Mkt cap 517.2B
P/E ratio 35.37
Div yield -



Apple Inc.
NASDAQ: AAPL - Feb 1 7:59 PM EST
96.43USD0.91 (0.93%)
After-hours96.250.18 (0.19%)After hours
Open 96.47
High 96.71
Low 95.40
Mkt cap 539.7B
P/E ratio 10.24
Div yield 2.16%


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Google got it going.

No surprise that they would surpass Apple

Android, Google, YouTube,  etc. Google's goooooooooing places.


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why shouldnt they? I dont own anything Apple related since like 5 years now, only bought an Ipod touch once which broke after a week falling off from my desk only ounce.
Google things on the other hand i am using it every day. If anything it shows that Apple stocks are over-valued and aiming for a huge crash.

It won't even take 3 months for Apple to win that back haha.

Wow, incredible! Come on, nobody saw this coming eventually?

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That's expected. I mean, even apple fans probably use some Google products. The thing is everywhere!

Bet with Teeqoz for 2 weeks of avatar and sig control that Super Mario Odyssey would ship more than 7m on its first 2 months. The game shipped 9.07m, so I won

We all knew Google would one day own the world

LipeJJ said:
That's expected. I mean, even apple fans probably use some Google products. The thing is everywhere!


I do :O!


Even though they are all digital :P!


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About darn time!

Google has their fingers in many pies so I wouldn't be surprised to see them dominating in the coming years. Apple on the other hand sooner or later will weaken their hold on mobiles because it can't keep up with the full brunt of Android and it's partners ...