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Unseen64 is dumb as shit! I have always known that. Not surprised in the least.

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Conegamer said:
This whole thing is just a mess. It comes out in little over a month elsewhere so just say something about it rather than this cloak and dagger nonsense!

What I don't get is why they would be doing this. The only reason I can think of is if the game turned out to be garbage which would be sad.

So, they are publishing it? Alright, then, I guess.

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illdill1987 said:
Unseen64 is dumb as shit! I have always known that. Not surprised in the least.

whoa now, they are a very trusted source and provide great insight to the industry and its canceled games. This tweet doesn't even comfirm that Nintendo is publishing the game. It just says they are happy the game is coming to the Wii U and will have more to say in the future.

Don't know what you got against them.


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LuckyTrouble said:
So excited that they:

- Haven't gotten the game rated by the ESRB
- Haven't given any kind of release date for NA
- Pulled the game from the future release section of the Wii U eshop
- Left the game out of E3 entirely, not even putting a playable demo on the floor
- And someone from Nintendo apparently even verified the publishing rights shifting to a different publisher according to Siliconera's source that they trusted so much, they reported the information as fact

But yeah Nintendo, you're still totally excited to bring the game over. I can see that.

Yes, it will be very amazing to see them actually do everything on your list in the next month!

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will there be a physical copy?

I get the feeling that clown over at Unseen64 is sweating bullets right now.

To people insulting unseen64, even Silivonera confirmed it, so wait and see , it could be a situation' where Nintendo let an other Being thé game but take thé crédit for it

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John120219 said:
So does this mean Unseen64 has lost some credibility? Is it too early to dispel the rumor that the NX won't be as powerful as the PS4?

Both Siliconera and Kotaku also confirmed it. Say what you like about them, but they usually both don't report on rumors unless they have put in some effort to verify the claims.

That said, Unseen64 also claimed that the game was of poor quality, had horrendous graphics, and a wildly uneven framerate. If those all turn out to be true, then I think Unseen64's credibility should remain intact. We will see for sure within a few days.

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