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Forums - Sony Discussion - Which From Software (Souls/Bloodborne) Game is hardest?

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Which game is hardest?

Demon's Souls 31 50.00%
Dark Souls 14 22.58%
Dark Souls II 3 4.84%
Bloodborne 14 22.58%

Well, I'm swelling and buzzing with pride right now because I just conquered Bloodborne. 

I didn't just beat it, I conquered it. I got all the trophies, and absolutely decimated the final bosses (Seriously, that Pthumerian Queen went down like a bitch!) and have nothing left to do! 

so now that I've beaten Bloodborne - the latest game from From software, the makers of Demon's Souls and Dark Souls - I have to ask, what do you all think is the hardest game made by then. I only ask because I played but didn't beat Demon's Souls, I bought but haven't played Dark Souls, and am waiting on getting Demon's Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin on PS4. I've heard different people saying different games were harder, some saying they were easier, and I was wondering how this one compares so I can tell if I'm worthy. 

I've heard Bloodborne is the hardest, but also the easiest due to its emphasis on combat and attack, but I also imagine realistically that people only find it easier because they've been tampered on Demon's Souls and Dark Souls. 

So what do you think is the hardest, and please give a reason WHY: 

1 - Demon's Souls

2 - Dark Souls

3 - Dark Souls II

4 - Bloodborne

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1- Demon's Souls
2- Dark Souls II
3- Bloodborne
4- Dark Souls

That's my order of difficulty.

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Personally, I've only played Bloodborne and Dark Souls, but I find Bloodborne a bit harder than Dark Souls.

I hear that Demon Souls is the hardest of the bunch, though.

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King's Field! Though mostly because they weren't all that well designed/the tech just wasn't there at the time. Anyway, I would say:

1. Demon's Souls
2. Dark Souls 2 DLC
3. Bloodborne
4. Dark Souls
5. Dark Souls 2 main game

1. Demon soul's
2. Dark souls
3. Bloodborne

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Dark Souls. Just like Bloodborne, your armor is practically worthless outside of status effects, but on Bloodborne, as your defense increases while leveling, damage dealt is reduced a lot more than on Dark Souls . Dark Souls bonfires and checkpoints are also a lot further away. There are areas themselves in Dark Souls that aren't just hard, but cheap, and except for one area and a boss or two, I didn't really feel Bloodborne had much of that.

Demon's Souls doesn't have any cheap areas imo. Armor significantly decreases damage dealt, all weapons scale in damage(unlike Dark Souls,) and Flame Lurker was the only hard boss. Bosses were easier in Demon's Souls, the rest of the game was harder. Everythin in Demon's Souls was easier than Dark Souls.  Demon's Souls only has long distances between each shortcut.

Don't know if it's because it was my first game, but Demon's was the hardest one for me by a lot. I actually rage quit Demon's for a few months til my friend convinced me to give it another shot.

I haven't played Bloodborne yet but I will eventually.

I'm keeping the online component in mind with how I'm ranking this because it is a part of the full experience of the games. Some gamers would intentionally do whatever it took to avoid pvp like play offline or staying in that zombied state. It's a completely different experience fighting invaders constantly while traversing the game world and trying not to die. It's a shame that many gamers who never played demon souls will never get to experience it fully when there was a ton of players online. 

Demon's Souls- Probably the most unforgiving of 'em. People could backstab easily. There was no real guide for the game. So it was slow grueling experience to figure out everything. Plus it was the first of it's kind and everything felt new. It was a roller coster ride just fighting the bosses and invaders. It was more difficult overall to obtain the best gear/spells/miracles. It was very easy to mess up a playthrough by killing npc's or missing things like crystal lizards. Every mistake you made, you paid a price for it. The platinum was a pain to get. If someone had a really good weapon, they damned well earned it until some jackass figured out how to duplicate items by exploiting a glitch.  

Dark souls- It didn't really reward grinding or farming as much as demon souls did. I didn't like the changes to the spells/miracles and inventory system. I didn't run into a lot of invaders in this one compared to demon's souls. It was just over easier to beat and get the platinum. It was easier to get weapons and gear.

Dark Souls 2- Soul memory destroyed the multiplayer for me. It felt a bit dumbed down/muted for new players. 

If this wasn't specific to From Software or w.e I'd have to say the damn bonus level of captain toad where you have to collect 5k coins haha... Just can't beat it.

Otherwise, bloodborne is only one I have experience with. Quite challenging :)

Seeing as I've only played one, though, I'll refrain from voting