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Forums - Movies Discussion - NEW James Bond: Specter trailer released

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Gonna watch it?

Definitely 11 64.71%
maby 4 23.53%
never 2 11.76%
if reviews are good 0 0%

The (teaser) trailer for the new James Bond film released a few hours ago. Are you excited?


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Tense as always, looking good. Definitely gonna watch it. And that new Aston Martin Bond car that they have made looks absolutely mindblowing.

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Excited? No.

But, i will probably watch it. Its entertaining.

Why the hell is Excite Tr- oooohh :) Yes color me Excite Truck too

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I love when trailer don't give much away :)

Looks good, wouldn't judge it by the trailer though bond films are much more exciting then what they look. Skyfall gave me goosebumps 2 years ago.

We all know Sony domination is a real thing and there is nothing Microsoft or Nintendo can do about it....

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Sweeet .
With this and Star Wars it'll be a nice end of the year, movie-wise (contrary to some other area of entertainment)!

looking good,love a bit of bond filmage

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Wuuuut? Is that like a secret brother who then works for spectre? Whhhaaaaaattt

btw if true totally stolen from Austin powers

Dr. Evil is Austin’s brother


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