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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Far Cry 4 already sold 300k in Brazil according to Ubisoft

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Ubisoft annouced today that Far Cry 4 sold 300k units in Brazil in 2 months:

"A Ubisoft revelou nesta quarta-feira (28) que já vendeu mais de 300 mil cópias de "Far Cry 4" no Brasil, menos de dois meses após o lançamento do game.

Contando a história de Ajay Ghale em um país fictício na região dos Himalaias, o jogo tem versões para PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS3 e Xbox 360.

"'Far Cry 4' é divertido e imprevisível, e tem um tom politicamente incorreto que o público brasileiro adora", justificou em nota Bertrand Chaverot, diretor da Ubisoft na América Latina.

Na eleição dos melhores jogos de 2014, leitores do UOL Jogosescolheram "Far Cry 4" como o melhor shooter e jogo com a melhor dublagem para o português do ano."



Pretty good numbers in my opinion and it represents almost 25% of RoW sales if compared to VGChartz numbers (1.23mi as of Jan 3rd).

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damn, good numbers from the brazil market. definitely a market worth not pulling out of.

Wow, great numbers. Just goes to show that emerging markets are, well, emerging this gen.

Unexpected numbers from Brazil, but shows how much impact the new gen has.

Big, big numbers. It seems that emergent markets will play a role in this gen.

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That's some very good numbers for Brazil! Way to go Far Cry!


kitler53 said:
damn, good numbers for the brazil market. definitely a market worth not pulling out of.

Ubisoft has good sales here. Watch Dogs sold 336k in its first month ( and Assassin's Creed is also very popular.



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Very good. The Brazilian games market has been growing quite a bit recently hasn't it? Could make it into the top 5 soon if it isn't already.