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Should this be a useful poll?

YES. 14 18.18%
YEs. 3 3.90%
Yes. 2 2.60%
yes 2 2.60%
no 6 7.79%
No. 1 1.30%
NO! 16 20.78%
All of the below. 33 42.86%

-1080 points for 8th gen console

-2 points for 7th gen console

+2 points for 6th gen console

+64 points for 5th gen console

+160 points for 4th gen console

+800 points for 3rd gen console

+2600 points for 2nd gen console

+31337 points for 1st gen console

+∞ points for Mona Lisa

Handhelds do count.

Pics would be nice :)

fory77 2600p
Hiku 800p
raidinglarastomb 800p
Mbolibombo 31337p
Ultrashroomz 800p
Kami 31337p
Ka-pi96 160p
XtremeHDGamerX 800p
PwerlvlAmy 2600p + cookie
Mr.Playstation 800p
HoloDust 31337p
PixelPerfect 2600p + cookie
MoHasanie 160p
Game_God 160p
*Sound Of Rain -2p 
Zisbest 160p
melbye 2p
Muuzzy -1080p + Turkey
Sentient_Nebula 160p
Sixteenvolt420 2600p + cookie
shikamaru137 160p
RCTjunkie 64p
alabtrosMyster 2600p + cookie
NEGkiliandj 64p
finalrpgfantasy 64p
JoeAncelloti 2p
DrasticDracon 160p
tpjp 800p
VGPolygot 2600p
Bman54 64p
mountaindewslave 2600p + cookie
Mr.GameCrazy 64p
Sunstrider 800p
UncleAlfred 31337p
Kerotan 64p
Ruler 160p 800p
gooch_destroyer 64p
Azzanation 800p
Riverstyx 64p


arcane_chaos 160p
Pezzila 160p
the_dengle 160p
Shadow1980 2600p + cookie
curl-6 2600p +cookie
LipeJJ 160p
painmaster212 800p
mysteryman 31337p
d21lewis 160p
lord_of_flood 800p
Roma 800p
LordPhil 64p
cheshirescat 800p
TomaTito 800p
Alby_da_Wolf 31337p
QUAKECore89 2600p + cookie
AZWification 2p
V-r0cK 800p
Barkley 2600p + cookie
RedInker 800p
SSJ Rodimus 31337p
Leadified 2600p + cookie
Sherlock99 160p
PieToast 2600p + cookie
a08andan 800p
BlkPaladin 2600p + cookie
Baalzamon 160p
Miguel_Zorro 31337p
Nettles -2p
torok 800.5p
Curmudgeon 2600p
archer9234 800p
Neodegenerate 800p
Burning Typhoon 160p
Bradley -1080p
Chromeo 160p
champybh 2600p + cookie
novasonic 31337p
TiagoCosta 800p
DJEVOLVE 2600p + cookie
Cloudman 160p
Mr Puggsly 2p
TechnoHobbit 31337p + cookie


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It's in my storage somewhere.

Nes,snes, ps1,n64,xbox,GameCube,xbox 360,wii,gameboy,gameboy colour, ds,psp, playstation tv. I have another console in my attic cant remember what its called but it used something like floppy discs

old skool

I got a Home Pong console in the storage somewhere, got it from my sisters who got it in the late 70s.


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Don't know if handhelds count but I have a Nintendo Game and Watch. 

For home consoles I have a ColecoVision.

They're somewhere stored in my garage. 

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Umm, I have an N64 and PS1, they're both pretty old.

As for handhelds I have a Gameboy, one of the original fat ones.

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Atari 2600

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Nes will edit with picture soon

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