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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What was the first Game you ever played?

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This isn't the first game you've ever owned just the first one you've ever played.


The first Game I ever played was my sisters copy of Pokemon red. I sadly lost the copy but that kickstarted my love for pokemon as much as the pokemon anime did.

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I think it was Crash Bandicoot 3. After that I became obsessed with the series.

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Pitfall on Atari I believe

Kirby and the Amazing Mirror
It felt like it was just yesterday, but it has already been 10 years. Those were the good ol days, but now they are gone, forever ingrained as memories

I have no idea. I gamed since my early 3's.

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Some 1D hurdles game on some system, I don't even really know. Was round 2000/2001. We were poor :(. First real game I played was Crash if I remember correctly, at some friend's house.

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Crash Bandicoot

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It could have been either pitfall or pong on the atari or dizzy on the amstrad i can't quite remember it was during the eighties.

Game over on ZX spectrum. I remember it like it was yesterday. Great game. Lol