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Which game do you think is the best

Tomb Raider 2013 23 28.05%
Uncharted 3 58 70.73%
jonathanalis said:
i didnt play uncharted. none of them.
but i played TR2013, and i loved it.

the weapon upgrade, the abilities upgrade, the optional tombs, the exploration, the open world(you know, you can go back to an area with a new ability and explore the new area that you couldnt before, feels like metroidvania), the bow(i love bowds), the lara desing!

just love it.
which of these elements does uncharted have?

Almost all the extras are very well done, but the upgrades are a bit underwhelming. A lot of them are really useless, or unnecessary...I'd say in the realm of 80%. Like recover arrows from bodies you kill with the bow. Like, what use is that? There's arrows lying on the ground everywhere in this game.

There shouldn't have been a map telling you where all the secret items were. There should have been an exploration tree that you upgraded to find it. Proximity sensors, increased rewards, bonuses for finding secret items like duration increased health or speed.

When you end up just having a lot of scrap metal to spend on a bunch of random perks, it doesn't really improve the gameplay. You might as well just make them new pickups. At times I would just run by the campfire because it didn't really matter.

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Oh lord..

The spoilers aren't that serious because when the guy that looks like Nathan Drake dies, you wont really care..

Neither will you really care for the other characters besides Lara for that matter.

Tomb Raiders tried to do it's story telling exactly like Uncharted but Uncharteds was a bit better obviously.

I liked Uncharted more but things that were better in Tomb Raider was the listen/detect mode( its Called Listen mode in The Last Of Us), weapon/ character upgrade enhancement system, The Optional Tombs and being able to react to wildlife.

I want Uncharted 4 to have these ESPECIALLY the wildlife rinteraction and optional Tombs. It would be a travesty for Uncharted 4 to be on that big ass island without some kind of optional Tombs.. or "Uncharted Caves" as I like to call the would-be optional Tombs in the next Uncharted.

I loved the fact that there were optionsl/secret tombs in Tomb Raider but they also dissapointing because they were over before they started.

And the Wildlife interaction is just something that I need. I just need to be able to shoot the wildlife. That is all that I ask for

UC4 already has the Listen mode so we're good there. I personally want there to be some kind of weapon/character enhancement system but some people claim that they dont care for it. I would also prefer it to be more like how it is in The Last Of Us more so than how it is in Tomb Raider.

Uncharted 4's gameplay looked better than Tomb Raider 2013 and Uncharted 1,2 and 3 but it still need these things imo. 


I made a thread about this a while ago

I'm a Tomb Raider fan, myself. Multiple playthroughs on multiple consoles. Can't get enough of it. Won't go out of my way to trash Uncharted (this time) as it's a great series as well. Glad to be able to play both.

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Havent played any one of them yet

On the story front Uncharted has the upper hand. UC has Drake but also has a ton of side characters you care about while I didn't feel any connection to the side characters in Tomb Raider.

Gameplay wise, I think Tomb Raider raised the bar and surpassed Uncharted. The upgrade system, searching for salvage, the open level design, the great combat, the many tools you gain to travel through the island, the tons of collectibles, it made for an incredible gaming experience.

If I had to rate them it would go UC2 > TR (but very close) > UC1 = UC3 (all great games btw)

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Uncharted3 : I simply prefer the game-play, and loved so much the MP coop. My most played game on PS3. Can't wait for Uncharted4 !

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axumblade said:
Yeah...I updated the title to point out there are spoilers in this thread...I'm currently playing Tomb Raider so thanks for that....

Sorry the game was spoiled for you.  Luckily, it wasn't a major major spoiler.  I'd love to read your impressions when you finish TR, though.  

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Guys, do you think it's worth buying Tomb Raider for PS4 even if I already own it for PS3 (PS+) but I haven't played it yet?

I've played both and I enjoyed Uncharted much more.

Better graphics, story, animations, combat (OH lord the combat in TR is awful), etc.

What I liked about TR was the fact that you could upgrade your weapons. That was cool.

DestructorSVK said:
Guys, do you think it's worth buying Tomb Raider for PS4 even if I already own it for PS3 (PS+) but I haven't played it yet?

For the average person, I'm gonna say no.  It looks better, has some redesigned characters, and all of the DLC but if you have the game, go ahead and play the version you have.  The 1080p/60fps isn't really all that noticeable to me and actually makes some graphical flaws stand out.  For me, it was totally worth it (got it for 360, PS+, and PS4)!  I bet you'll love it regardless of which version you'll play.

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