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Forums - Sony Discussion - Looks Like Final Fantasy X/X-2 coming to the PS4

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Looking at an article from ign (link below) it seems like the HD remasters of Final Fantasy X/X-2 will be coming to the PS4 sometime in the near future.

As a big fan of the original releases I am glad that even more people will be getting the opportunity to play these games, especially if they go the extra mile for the PS4 version.

While the game may have a small effect in America and Europe, could the game along with Final Fantasy Type Zero help PS4 sales pick up in Japan?

And if this version also performs well could that lead to a HD remaster of Final Fantasy XII? I certainly hope so.

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Not that I'm interested anyway but why would you buy anything from a company that clearly is even worse than MS about listening to their consumers? the FF7 troll must not be forgiven

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I'm afraid this is a bit old: