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Lawlight said:
WagnerPaiva said:
I don´t know man, everyone hated the game (reviews...).
I am thinking 500k, a million lifetime at best.

How did you come to the conclusion that everyone hated this game?

From three reviews, I do not have much time lately to get informed. How´s the metacritic doing so far?

Also, where is the PSN PLUS free demo they promissed???? I want it.

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ThatDanishGamer said:

Here is an estimate for Driveclub sales http://insiderp.com/drive-club-hits-a-million-outsells-horizon-2-2-1-.html

Many users on this site don't trust them but insiderp were the first to announce that PS4 had passed 10 million, at that time vgchartz had undertracked PS4 by 700k.

I think more will buy Driveclub after they have tried the 'free' PS+ edition.

so the 1 million dont even play the game? they just bought it?

the leaderbord is below 500k, but the sales are 1m?


maybe because only half of the buyer couldnt play online at all :D



here are some real! retail impression from week 2:



and btw: sony is giving best selling psn charts for every month. both na and europe. so we will see soon how much bs that insiderp suff is

I don't know if their numbers are true this time but a lot of people bought the cheap PS+ to full game upgrade.

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SvennoJ said:
I think DC is doing pretty well.

The game has great word of mouth (from those that have played it) and it seems to have gotten a lot more busy over the weekend. I'm dropping down the leader board at great speed instead of climbing like last week, and despite Evolution claiming servers should be accepting a lot more players, it has gotten worse again for me this week.

No free PS+ version and a good discount on digital ($50 vs $70 here) probably help as well. Although I think those who bought it instead of waiting would have converted to the full version anyway.

It's been a long time since a good track based racer and no other racers this fall (seems the crew is delayed?). Anyway those who buy it won't be disappointed. Just wish people would wait a bit before buying so I can get the online trophies :p

Does DC really have a Project Gotham (have you played it?) feel to it?...Though I love cars in real life, sim racers bore me to tears, I could use some old school arcade racer

It'll be interesting to see how well it sells for the rest of the year. From what I've read in forums, a lot of people give DC more credit than the reviewers.

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One person I know who has the game is very positive on it. Reviews are negative. General impressions is that this was a borked EA Battlefield game launch so I backed away from any interest I had.

I don't have time to play broken games. I will try it out once the Internet at large tells me the game is fixed. As far as I know Battlefield 4 is still borked in many areas.

I started with Metropolis Street Racer before moving onto PGR, and this game plays very much like those games in terms of mechanics. The difference is the tracks. The track design is some of the best I've ever come across in the racing genre.

The point to point track in India with the sprinklers is amazing.

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Life is more like a game of bumper cars. At every turn there is a possibility you will get screwed.

Fei-Hung said:

Reviews haven't been flattering but those who have purchased the game for the better part of it seem to be enjoying it a lot. 


That raises another question - when people play the free ps+ version and disagree with the reviews from gaming sites, will it affect how these gamers view the journalists / sites? 


Many people have bought this game knowing the bad scores the game received and issues it had. The rarest compliment came from a friend who only has a  box1 and he said the game is great (admittedly he is a Grid and PGR fan).

That usually does not happens, the public is always looking into the next game and anything that is not purchased close to launch people wait till the price is severily reduced. Christmas season could help a little as there are not many PS4 exclusives to check or purchase, but don't get your hopes too high.

Still waiting on the PS+ edition. I'm not much of a racer fan so I'm not going to purchase the full retail version without trying it on PS+ first. It sure does look good but they really need to sort out these server issues.

I think it will sell well enough to warrant a sequel. They'll probably learn from their mistakes and improve for the next one. I have s feeling that Sony will be heavily bundling this game though. I'm sure it'll do a million at least like all of Sony's first party output on the ps4 so far.

walsufnir said:
Well, I think its sales are primarly due to a long wait for a Sony exclusive racer with amazing graphics. Its shortcomings in gameplay and/or content should affect sales after launch, perhaps, but one cannot be certain how great the thirst for many to get a racing game is.

The gameplay is amazing, its clear you haven't even played the game. Its an awesome game and very fun to play with friends.