Right now in Hong Kong, thousands of people are protesting. The demonstrations are to uphold the Hong Kong constitution and have been nicknamed the "Umbrella Revolution." Cue theResident Evil comparisons!  

The protests aim to protect Hong Kong's "one country, two systems" with China. Demonstrators have been carrying umbrellas, which are rich with symbolism: They are a direct contrast to the weapons the police are carrying. What's more, the image of an umbrella is inviting and covering, as if to protect. And since the police are spraying water pepper spray and firing tear gas at the unarmed crowds, protection is exactly what people are using the umbrellas for.   

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Also, the weather in Hong Kong has been rainy, and well, umbrellas, so yeah, there's that. For more, here's a good explainer.  

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To help brand the movement, Hong Kong artists have been creating Umbrella Revolution logos. According to SCMP, artist and assistant professor Kacey Wong shared a Resident Evil-inspired Umbrella Revolution design to help inspire other artists.


Of course, this is actually the logo for the Umbrella Corporation, an evil entity in the Resident Evil games and films. It might not be the best logo for the Hong Kong protests. 

Among gamers, the umbrella imagery evokes such a strong connection with the survival horror franchise, that the term "Umbrella Revolution" seems to be evoking a Pavlovian Response in that people are automatically saying it reminds them of Resident Evil.











While this tweet doesn't make a Resident Evil comparison, man, that empty street sure looks like something out of the RE movies.


Top photo: AP

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