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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Final Fantasy Theatrhythm Rage Quitting

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Now I'm no MLG Pro like our very own Wright who has probably did a perfect critical on all songs under ultimate difficulty so I play on expert and I'm not really that good, but having only played five people, two people have rage quit on me.  The first person I played at a rating of 300 I won twice, second person had a rating of 900 I lost twice, third person with a rating of 1000+ I lost thrice.  The next two people I played against, the ones that rage quit were 900 ratings so I expected to lose.  The first one I had 200,000 score higher than he had fairly early in the match because he died.  The second person who I took a picture of the screen was far less of a difference only one fourth into the match. 

Is it such a big deal to not have a drop in your rating?  It shows how good you are and whether people are interested in playing you online.  If you have a 900 rating and someone that has a 100 got beat by all the other 900s, you'll have less fun in being able to play the game.  The game doesn't even count losses, only the amount of times you win and your rating.  There's not even a leaderboard for the game.  Stop sucking at video games if you want to keep a high rating.

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This happens in every game, to be honest. Even when it's on local multiplayer.

My brother once unplugged my GameCube controller when I was about to win a race, for instance.
And, ragequits by JP gamers happen all the time in my corner of the Pokéworld.



I've probably lost 400 rating worth and I've never thought of rage quitting. I've also made some noobs to eat the dust again and again and again and they didn't ragequit either.


Maybe you ain't nice with them, kupo :D

they should drop your rating if you drop.

Starcraft ETC does this. With connections now, if you disconnect, it's 99% you are rage quitting.