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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - The next Metroid! [Poll for WiiU, 3DS or Xbone]

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Next Metroid for WiiU or 3DS?

WiiU! 268 65.69%
3DS! 24 5.88%
Both! 57 13.97%
None! 9 2.21%
XBONE! 49 12.01%

So it's been almost 4 years since Nintendo released a Metroid game.

These days Nintendo seems to be afraid to even hint anything Metroid related for a possible game in the works except for that Metroid Blast minigame or whatever. This is mostly due to the series' low sales but also thanks to Other M's controversy.

But we all know a Metroid game is coming sooner or later either for WiiU or 3DS, the question is, what should the next Metroid game be like?

2D Metroid

2D! The roots of Metroid and definitely something worth revisiting. Super Metroid is still seen by many as the best Metroid game and best game of all time. I agree that it's the Metroid game that defines what Metroid is all about but does that mean that it should go back to it's roots? 

Yes and no, games like Shovel Knight prove that the genre hasn't died out so Metroid could make a big comeback as a 2D game, the only problem are it's sales. Metroid has never been a cash cow and sales of Super Metroid were very dissapointing to Nintendo when you compare them to games like Link to the Past or Super Mario World. Even Fusion and Zero Mission, despite being excellent games failed to impress Nintendo sales wise.

FPS Metroid

Yeah, i know it's "First Person Adventure" but Prime Hunters was a competitive shooter right? Retro Studios proved that the 2D masterpiece could be translated to 3D. Metroid Prime was a shock to everybody who was familiar with the Metroid games. Metroid Prime then got it's own trilogy, the cool spin off Hunters and even a Pinball game! Many, if not, most Metroid fans want a Prime 4 for WiiU. But is this the right direction for the next Metroid?

I don't know. While i would love another Prime Hunters game in 1080p with a better campaign and 8 vs 8 online multiplayer, the only game that impressed me, and definitely Nintendo so much was Metroid Prime. It became one of the best games ever, it showed that the series still had lots of potential and for the first time, it broke sales record! Though, being honest, this happened mostly because it being a launch title for the GameCube. Retro Studios proved all the naysayers wrong and gave us an awesome 3D Metroid game that revived the series.

Prime 3 and Hunters are fun for it's controls but the games are both very linear and the boss fights were pretty bad, and the sales were good but nothing impressive. (again the multiplayer in Hunters needs to be revived someday). Prime 2 was just downright boring, sorry, that game just never did it for me. Meanwhile Retro Studios seems to be more focused on the DKCR franchise since it sold a one hit 5 million units, something Metroid can only dream of... They might be secretly working on Prime 4 as we discuss. You never know but to be honest, i think it's time for Retro to come up with their own IP. Oh, and Metroid Pinball? While not an FPS, the game sure is..! Yeah, well... Yeah.

Other M Metroid

So, should i call Other M "3rd person action" or "2.5D" or "Metroid Gaiden"? I don't care, it's the first and many hope the last of it's kind in the Metroid series.

It was a very risky move by Nintendo to give the next big Metroid game; a developer that is not Retro, a story, voiceacting, a different genre, different controls, A Ridley Scene, SAMUS WITH A VOICE AND CHARACTER and once again linearity... The whole package Nintendo fans had hoped for a possible new & mature Nintendo IP but turned out to be Metroid Other M. It tried to tell a story after the events of Super and before the events of Fusion, but it also involved a Samus with an already detailed history from it's official manga. (which is somehow canon to the games)

This left many fans confused because the game never explained the history behind this Samus Aran we never knew or even imagined about. Other M is pretty much like Zelda 2 and Star Fox Adventures, the "black sheep" of the series. It divided it's fanbase and got overall mixed reactions from everywhere, but mostly negative from it's own fanbase. Most complaints adress these risky decisions made by Nintendo. Other M failed to become another unexpected masterpiece like Super Metroid and Metroid Prime, and the sales, yet again, didn't do much favors either. Should Metroid totally forget and run away from this direction as far as possible? 


Nahh being honest, i think the game was surprisingly well made and awesome. Sure, it went against everything that defined Metroid, it has these annoying "where's waldo" parts and it did make Samus look weak and stupid. But deep inside, it's still a Metroid game, one that is clearly misunderstood. The boss fights, the gameplay, the enemy designs, the graphics, the power ups were all great and familiar! But sadly these get overshadowed by the flaws of the game. I think it's a shame Other M got so much hate when it only tried to be something fresh and different. Not to mention Sakamoto might be having nightmares of some crazy fans attacking him because of this game.

All these "Sakamoto stupid" "Sakamoto should die" comments really show how ungratefull gamers can be since this man happens to be the co-creator of the series and the creator of Super, Fusion & Zero Mission. We need to be, or at least act like grown ups on this one guys. Yokoi & Miyamoto and any other game creator has had their own hiccups as well. Don't like the game? No problem, express your opinion in a respectfull manner and move on. Now that it happened almost 4 years ago, i think Other M deserves another chance but with a bunch of fixing. That said, i think Nintendo should not try something as risky as Other M anymore for both the fans' and their own sake.


I think we can all agree on that what we need is..!


Metroid Pinball 2!


Think about it no story, no linearity, no voiceacting, perhaps multiplayer but just plain old pinball Metroid style!

See you next mission!

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Would like a 2D metroid in the style of Mighty no 9
Mainly because I suck at FPS and at mostly good at adventure platforming games

Just give us a 2D game for 3DS (lol), a FPS spinoff and then Metroid Prime 4 in all its glory.

Metroid Prime wasnt a launch title, it released about a year later.

Didnt Miyamoto recently state they were brainstorming ideas for future 2D & 3D Metroid titles? Im guessing we will see a side-scroller Metroid on 3DS and a first-person Metroid in 2015/2016.

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I think Metroid will be on Wii U and 3DS a Prime style game on Wii U but not called Metroid Prime 4 and a 2D Metroid on 3DS

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Give me Zero Suit Samus and I will be happy for ever. Heck, let team Ninja do the jiggle physics but don't let them touch anything else


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Just as long as it's a sequel to Metroid Fusion and not another prequel, and I'm fine with whatever style and genre it is.

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Metroid Prime ranks among my gaming trilogies.

zorg1000 said:
Metroid Prime wasnt a launch title, it released about a year later.

Didnt Miyamoto recently state they were brainstorming ideas for future 2D & 3D Metroid titles? Im guessing we will see a side-scroller Metroid on 3DS and a first-person Metroid in 2015/2016.


definitely side-scroller 3DS. i know everyone loved the Prime trilogy but i think it should be over and done with. we haven't seen an entirely new 2D Metroid since what, 2002 or so?