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Forums - Gaming Discussion - How good is Dark Souls II?

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When it comes to games with true atmosphere, Demon's Souls is one of the best.  I genuinely felt immersed in the world, that I was alone and was genuinely afraid.  When I first saw the message "***** is invading your world...", I was terrified.  Call me a chicken, but the game had tremendous presntation and thematics. 

Now, when I played Dark Souls, while the game felt fresh, it didn't have that same depth.  It could be that I was desenitized to the atmosphere, but Dark Souls didn't feel very "dark" at all(and it can be counter argued because Demon's Souls still scares me).  It didn't leave an impression on me, it wasn't as memorable or special, at least for me.

So in comparrison, I'd love to try DS2 if it's good but I'd rather not have more of the same from Dark Souls.  Is it more like Dark or Demon's?

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It's a combination of both, actually. It takes ideas from Demon's and ideas from Dark. That being said, it is an astonishingly great game, but it's my least favourite of the franchise, with Dark Souls 1 still being the superior one.

It's a great game but it's even less "Dark" than Dark Souls 1. Demon's Souls is still the best for me as well.

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It is obviously more like Dark Souls than Demon's Souls. I'd say it is even less "Dark" than Dark Souls. The world is not as well laid out as in Dark Souls, and the environment is not as dark as Demon's Souls'. The mythology is not as good as Dark Souls but still better than Demon's Souls. Only a few interesting NPCs. When it comes to gameplay it is the most refined and best in the series.

It's more similar to Dark Souls but it does borrow some aspects from Demon's. I don't think it's the best of the series, but at the same time it's still pretty damn good as game itself. Lots to do, lots of fun.

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def recommend you at least buy a used copy..baught it new and after 75 hrs I'm stilladdicted..even made my decision yo wait on the ps4 a little easier

DS2 was great. Dark souls was better though, the interconnected open world of Dark souls is the best there is. DS2 is more like spokes on a hub. You can't even walk back from some places and are forced to use fast travel. (Which you'll use anyway as it's just a long way back and forth and after a while the enemies stop respawning)

I enjoyed 2 immensely anyway, bonfire ascetic is great to up the difficulty and get the materials to experiment with different weapons. (It does remove the incentive for ng+ though)

It will never top the first one you played, you already know what to expect and how to play now. It will provide you with another 60 hours of fun at least. So far it's my goty by far.

Good game.

Inferior to Dark Souls in lore, story, world design, and enemy design. A lot of the DS2 bosses phone it in with ghost hitboxes, god awful hax-tracking, 1-2-3 combo chains on.every.humanoid.boss.ever, Royal Rat Authority. Worst crime of all: End boss is not Gwyn with somber music!

Controls and movement are much more streamlined, however, unless you place at 60 FPS on a PC... because coding is hard.