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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Basileous Productions Presents....Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES) Review!

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What would you give this game on a score rating of 1-10?

10 10 66.67%
9 3 20.00%
8 1 6.67%
7 1 6.67%
6 0 0%
5 0 0%
4 0 0%
3 0 0%
2 0 0%
1 0 0%

Mario Bros 3 was a good Mario game, but I am honestly a bigger fan of Mario World and Yoshi's Island! Nice review, by the way!

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Shadow1980 said:

Oh, and who can forget this commercial?

So good :)

One of the top three video game commercials ever made.

@OP: great review of a great game. In my opinion it's the best NES game, and arguably the best platformer.

10. It has zero negative aspects.

It's hard to describe how much I dreamed about this game's release. And it lived up in every aspect - even exceeded expectations. It is perfection in gaming, of course a 10.

I miss the days when a 2D Mario could be a true state-of-the-art experience. 3DW is pretty impressive though.

Playing this game was magical, I'm one of those people who preferred this over Mario World. I prefer Advance 4 over the original though.