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Which version, and why?

3DS version 23 8.78%
Wii U version 96 36.64%
Both 143 54.58%

Only the Wii U version, this is the perfect casual gathering meeting game, so I will get covered with just the Wii U edition. I am almost sure that my die hard friends will buy the 3DS game and play just "for glory" so I will not enjoy that version

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wiiu version if I decide to pull that trigger. Its not my favorite franchise, but it is fun on occasion.



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I'll be getting both eventually, but I'll start with the 3DS version first, and not just because it's releasing first!

Since a friend of mine gifted me a gift card for Gamestop, I'm definitely going for both versions.

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3DS, will not be buying a WiiU for this game

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3DS version.

Since the releases are staggered I'll most likely end up getting both versions.

Both, my plan all along. Two of the 3DS game, one of them for my brother.


I was going to be a combo breaker, but now other people have said 3DS version.

Anyway: 3DS version. Reasons:

1) I will be getting a 3DS earlier than I will be getting a WiiU, at least judging by currently released games and current release schedules

2) My friend who owns a WiiU and has significantly more money than me will likely buy the WiiU version, so having my own copy would only be needed for solo play (which I might as well just do on 3DS unless it completely sucks ass)

3) I don't have a 3 but lists look better in 3's.

Of course if they make the 3DS version really bad, I may change my mind.