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Forums - Sony Discussion - Fact. PS4 makes sweet love to your game disc.

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Have you ever pushed when the door said pull?

Yes 17 70.83%
No 4 16.67%
Did you read the question? (Be honest.) 3 12.50%

I bet you didn't know, but the PS4 Disc drive looks like two people kissing. Last fact of the video.


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That was actually a pretty awesome video

So it is happening...PS4 preorder.

Greatness Awaits!

Yeah, cool video lol :P

I like the way they took it apart; it looked really cool.
I already knew all those facts except the 2 people kissing. Even the inside looks great!

And I always push doors that say pull. 


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If you Sonyboyz think that looks like two people kissing, you really need to put down the DScontroller and actually look at two human people kissing...they are located usually outside of your home.

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Do you guys ever watch videos like that and say "man that dude has too much free time on his hands?."

Honestly, pretty nice video!

nice vid, liked it... 

The inside looks really amazing and fits perfectly.

Amazing and informative.

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very nice video.