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Recently seen from another topic that the Pokemon X/Y soundtracks were the best ever by 007BondAgent (credits cause i'm amazing)

I just wanted to make a topic where we post our favourite soundtracks from games.

Mine has to be nearly all the Persona 4 soundtracks but SMILE and A Corner of Memory (Main menut theme) really stand out


A Corner of Memory:

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Smash Bros Brawl soundtrack probably won't count since it is a compilation... so I'll pick the next best thing:
Super Mario Galaxy... such an amazing soundtrack.

 Been away for a bit, but sneaking back in.

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Guess I'll post a few of my favorites then.

Pokemon emerald

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Yoko Shinomura's best work.

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Some good ones from recent memory:

I'll just post some of my favorites 

I sometimes think I like videogame OSTs more than videogames.

Here are just 3 quite different examples of VGM I love:

Okami (full OST, almost every tune is beautiful)
(I imported the gorgeous 5 CD set from Japan; the YT upload is not from me btw)

Annul (from HL2 mod NeoTokyo)
(full OST or single tracks can be bought here: )

Crashed Ship Fregate Orpheon (from Metroid Prime):

Best VGM related youtube channel imo:

God of War, Bioshock, Alan Wake, Mass Effect, Castlevania: LoS, Elder Scrolls, Fable are some of my favourites