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yh but isnt NPD the offical thingy

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PooperScooper said:
# In January, $297 million was spent on the Xbox 360 platform (hardware, software and accessories combined), compared to $244 million on Wii and $219 million on PS3. (U.S. NPD, January)

# $159 million was spent on Xbox 360 games alone in January compared to $131 million on Wii and $80 million for PS3. (U.S. NPD, January)

# Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare on Xbox 360 was the number one selling game across all platforms for the third month in a row. In January, the fourth edition of Activision's acclaimed war game sold more than 331,000 copies on Xbox 360 and outsold the PS3 version by more than 2:1. (U.S. NPD, January)

Not good numbers for them considering install base.

The COD4 numbers are really, really good actually. COD4 in the US alone has outsold COD 2 and COD3 worldwide.

As for the revenue from games: it's a joke. Wii games are about 15% less expensive, on average, nearly equating Wii software with X360 software sales (if you keep Links Crossbow/Wii Play which have bundled accessories, whereas the X360 has no hybrid software/acessories).

Back from the dead, I'm afraid.

ZenfoldorVGI said:

PS3 did ok.


I don't understand why everyone is happy that SMG is doing worse than expected?


Are you a vat of retarded fanboys, or what?



 Schadenfreude (IPA: [ˈʃaːdənˌfʁɔʏ̯də] Audio (German) ) is a German word meaning 'pleasure taken from someone else's misfortune'. It has been borrowed by the English language[1] and is sometimes also used as a loanword by other languages.

TheSource said:

From IGN

February 14, 2008 - The NPD Group, which tracks videogame software sales, released its data report for the month of January and, once again, Nintendo's home console was the best-selling system during the time frame. Despite severe hardware shortages – supply was so limited, in fact, that Nintendo was forced to hand out vouchers to consumers interested in Wii – approximately 274,000 gamers picked up the console in January. Surprisingly, the second best-seller was not the company's DS handheld, but PlayStation 3 with nearly 270,000 units sold. PlayStation 2 took third with about 265,000 units sold. DS was the fourth best-seller with roughly 252,000 units sold, PSP fifth with 230,000 sold and Microsoft's Xbox 360 trailed them all with about 229,000 in sales. Is Xbox 360 doomed? Yeah – probably not. Keep in mind that all of the aforementioned systems sold within 50,000 units of each other.

Wii and DS accounted for five of the 10 top best-selling games in January, according to NPD. The biggest performer for the month was Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare for Xbox 370 with about 328,000 in sales. Wii Play was number 2 with 298,000 in sales. Guitar Hero III for Wii was number three with another 240,000 in sales. Super Mario Galaxy was number four with another 172,000 sold. Xbox 360's Rock Band was number five with 171,000 in sales. Guitar Hero 3 for Xbox 360 (167,000), Burnout Paradise (144,000), Call of Duty 4 for PS3 (139,000), Mario Party DS (138,000) and Mario & Sonic at the Olympics (133,000) rounded out the top 10 best sellers.

Guitar Hero III for Wii has sold nearly 1.5 million copies since it debuted in November despite having a major sound bug. Activision has recently started sending out replacement copies of the game to consumers who asked for them.

We're saddened to report that since their simultaneous release last November, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption has sold 626,000 copies and Carnival Games 655,000 copies. On a brighter note, though, Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles has topped the 300,000 mark in sales domestically. Meanwhile, Wii Play has amassed 4.4 million in sales since its release -- a feat that can be attributed to the included Wii remote.

Speaking of peripherals, approximately 375,000 people picked up Wii's nunchuk attachment in January, making it the best-selling piece of hardware for the month.

We're saddened to report that since their simultaneous release last November, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption has sold 626,000 copies and Carnival Games 655,000 copies.

Poor PS3 Sales Means Smaller Losses

"Actually, because the number of units sold was not as high as we hoped, the loss was better than our original expectation," Quotes from Sony’s CFO Nobuyuki Oneda.

@dole considering they have more accessories(does this include 4 dollars per LIVE subscriptions) and HW and SW on the market they didn't sell that much better.

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TheSource said:
  VGChartz Top Ten Platform Sales NPD USA
1 Super Mario Galaxy Wii 332,511 172,000
2 Call of Duty 4 Xbox 360 302,516 330,900
3 Guitar Hero III: LoR PS2 288,618  
4 Wii Play Wii 250,965 298,100
5 Assassin's Creed Xbox 360 210,936  
6 Halo 3 Xbox 360 204,529  
7 Guitar Hero III: LoR Xbox 360 198,133 182,700
8 Mario Party DS DS 180,202 138,500
9 Guitar Hero III: LoR Wii 179,393 239,600
10 Link's Crossbow Training Wii 175,384  
  Other NPD Top 10 Titles Platform Sales NPD USA
  Rockband Xbox 360 144,105 183,600
  Burnout Paradise Xbox 360 121,135 144,100
  Mario & Sonic Olympics DS 105,589 133,000
  Call of Duty 4 PS3 119,191


We can use LTD data provided by IGN too :

                                            NPD (USA)      VGChartz (USA+CAN)

    Guitar Hero 3        (Wii)    ~1,500,000   1,424,868

    MP3 : Corruption   (Wii)    626,000        737,595

    Carnival Games     (Wii)    655,000        634,729

    Resident Evil:UC    (Wii)    >300,000      372,977

    Wii Play                 (Wii)    4,400,000      4,649,968

No More Heroes over 100k. So says an IGN mod.

Gamer4eva said:
yh but isnt NPD the offical thingy

 No such thing as official, they are generally more accurate than VGChartz though.

Holy Moly...I've missed all the news...I was busy playing Lost Odyssey (great game by the way)...#'s are a bit surprising....congrats to the ps3.

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Anyone ever notice that the worst performer usually releases some kind of interview or statement right before NPD results are announced?