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FIFA 14: the Digital Foundry verdict

As performance metrics stabilise at either a clean 30 or 60fps, we're left short on ways to truly distinguish the two next-gen versions on any technical level. That being the case, it's worth noting the Xbox One version does offer a minor advantage in content with its exclusive Ultimate Team "Legends," opening up access to classic players like Pelé, Lineker and Zola. It's perhaps not the most essential feature given the rarity of these cards, and the potential expenditure on packs to seek them out, but it's a clear point in favour of the Xbox One release.

Speaking of content, certain modes are stripped back compared to the PS3 and 360 editions - Be a Pro and Tournament options, for example. Getting the game out in a reasonable time-frame likely took precedence this year, but on the plus side, the honed focus does mean the Ignite Engine lands on both feet to give the definitive on-pitch experience.

In all, putting aside nit-picks in gamma that suggest a slight black push on the Xbox One, both releases are a match in every other conceivable sense. The 1080p presentation backed up by 2xMSAA is sumptuous to behold, and sidesteps the upscaling and post-processing seen in other games that tend to spoil all the hard work. As a result, FIFA 14 easily ranks as the most crisply presented next-gen game released yet, and for time time being, a solid showcase of the next-gen difference to any passer-by.

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Obviously no interest because PS4 not the better version ;)