I'm concerned about Tearaway

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I'm concerned about Tearaway.

The game's out tomorrow and it doesn't even show up on the latest pre-order chart:



It's gettig really good reviews, probably the best Vita game in a long time. But sales might flop considering the low pre-orders.
what are your thoughts on Tearaway ? are you gonna get it ?

Pre-ordered my copy last week ;)

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It'll will be a great game nobody has. Dont take it in a bad way, like W101 its just not marketed and very low user base. Europe will do good due to Bundle but US i dont see it doing more than 80k lifetime. look at Killzone, sales are good but not amazing in the States

It will join The Woderful 101 as one of the biggest flops of 2013, despite beeing an excellent game (like W101).

We'll get it on PS4 eventually

dont forget digital sales. i've gone totally digital on the vita and so have many people.
i wouldnt be too worried, it's not gonna be a big seller but i'm sure it'll have great legs on account of word of mouth.

i'm on a tight budget so i think i'll wait for a sale, there's too many titles on my wishlist right now so i have to wait for opportunities and bargains.

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£20 on PSN, i just bought it there and its predownload so you can play at midnight, Vita is a true digital console, most people download 60% apparently, more likley higher when its as cheap as this is.

It's gonna bomb.

The market is really, really frosty for cartoony based games right now.

The only thing that can sell in that vein is Mario, Pokemon, Skylanders, and LEGO + popular movie IP stuff. Even Disney Infinite I think is underperforming.

Sonic, Rayman, Wonderful 101, Puppeteer, Little Big Planet Racing, etc. have all gone bomba. At least Ubi Soft managed to overship Rayman (jokes on retailers I guess). 

I'll get this before christmas just hope they make there money back.


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non-gravity said:
We'll get it on PS4 eventually

I hope so.

It will undoubtably have a strong portion of digital sales, so that may be one reason. Another is that its bundled heavily, at least in the UK. Thirdly, it hasn't had a ton of hype, so people will probably just pick it up on impulse based on reviews. I'm expecting opening sales of around 180k-200k excluding digital. It will pass 1m by the end of the year.