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A 2001 Ford Fiesta TDDi. Maybe I'll change it next year, but only if I'll find a cheap turbodiesel, with very low fuel consumption and not too long as in most Italian towns parking is a problem. Currently I'm considering a Renault Clio dCi in the lowest consumption version available, or a Dacia Sandero (they have Renault engines) or a Renault Twingo dCi (very short, very low consumption, excellent for city traffic) or a Honda Jazz (= Honda Fit in some countries) if the next model year will offer also a turbodiesel version as it's rumoured, but if I'll leave my town, Genoa, for one with a little wider roads and more parkings, I coud consider a Honda Civic 1.6 i-DTEC (excellent fuel consumption for its performances, it beats the VW Golf 1.6 TDI on both aspects) or a Renault Mégane 1.5 dCi (same benefits as the Civic, although performances are between the Civic and the Golf. Its engine is used also by the most fuel efficient versions of the Mercedes A-Class). If someone will release a diesel-electric serial hybrid model soon enough, it could become my choice, though.

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I don't own any car, but my father let's me drive the '99 Honda Accord which I've named Firora. She's dark purple.


I'm not old enough to drive yet, but on saturday I will! :D So I'll be taking my Volvo S40 out for a drive. We do have another, better car, namely a Volvo XC70. I have to use a car where there isn't automatic transmission to get the "right" drivers license, but I'll probably use the other car from time to time as well. 

Bought a 2009 Ford F-150 Supercrew in 2012. It's a big truck but I absolutely love it and don't think I'll ever go back to something smaller. Had a Pontiac Grand Prix GT and Ford Explorer before that.

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06 Toyota solara. I thought about a truck, but I hate moving furniture more than anything, so that was the deal breaker. I will let my friends with trucks deal with it.


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LiquorandGunFun said:
06 Toyota solara. I thought about a truck, but I hate moving furniture more than anything, so that was the deal breaker. I will let my friends with trucks deal with it.

LOL this is actually true.  Once you have a truck everyone wants to use it.

It's all about the game.

Frequency said:

I figured I would make this thread since we're upgrading our car and it got me wondering what other people on these forums drive?

For the record, I don't own a car myself but my husband does (limited parking spaces here in Japan), he is upgrading from a 2010 Audi TTS to a 2013 Nissan Skyline GT-R Black edition.

How about you guys?

If youre not old enough to drive, or dont actually own or have easy access to (partners, friends, relatives etc) vehicle, please dont spam up the thread with nonsense, whiel you may well feel posting a picture of a bugatti veyron is super funny and amusing, nobody else does.

2012 Kia Optima SX-Turbo.


I drive a 2002 Pontiac Aztek (white) that I've had since 2004, and my wife recently sold her 2000 Bonneville and got a 2008 Pontiac Torrent GXP (black).  We love both.

2010 Dodge Charger

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dahuman said:
kyokusanagi said:

this what I want next year

I almost picked up a 370z but it's downfall for me was the 2 seater part and I didn't feel like buying a G37 so I went with something a lot more comfortable instead lol.

yeap for me is good, im single but yeah, a 2 seater is not good for some people.

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