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Forums - Sony Discussion - Uncharted 3: New and Free DLC

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What does this free and new DLC mean to you?

I still play, had all the... 2 16.67%
i still play but didnt have all the DLC 1 8.33%
Had DLC but stopped playing, will play again. 0 0%
Will play again, didnt have the DLC 5 41.67%
I will play for the first time. 0 0%
still wont play 4 33.33%

So one of the Greatest games ever made, Uncharted 3, just had its 2 year anniversary on Nov 1. To celebrate Naughty Dog, released a brand new multiplayer map, the long awaited "Dry Docks" after originally making its first appearence 2 years ago in the debut multiplayer trailer. it finally made its way into the game. Also best of all, all previous maps and map packs are now free to download, including the new Dry Docks map. 

Talk about great support for a 2 year old game. For people new to Uncharted, or havent yet played it, this is a great opportunity to play. You can even download the multiplayer portion of Uncharted 3, for FREE aswell!!! (there is a level cap for the free multiplayer)

So you can get the multiplayer, and 24 maps, aswell as the co-op and all 6 of its maps for absolutely FREE!!!. Thats 30 maps total and the game for free.

So i must ask, are any of you guys still playing Uncharted, will you start it back up again because of this, or will you try it for the first time.



Side note: The Last of Us also just released a new map pack. Im conflicted on which game to play, they are both so great. But i am a lot better at Uncharted 3 than TLoU.

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Played it yesterday to honor the second anniversary
Got to play the Dry Docks map, it's pretty good.

So it is happening...PS4 preorder.

Greatness Awaits!

i never really got into the co-op in uncharted 3, i played a lot of co-op in Uncharted 2, but have had too much fun playing competive to really try out co-op....
until now. and im loving it. its great, if anyone wants to play with me, just ask!