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Looking into Pokémon, it looks like we could be having a super awesome Prequel to the first Pokémon games. I hope this will happen someday.

Let's start with something casual:

5) Cubone’s Missing Link

Kangaskhan is a marsupial Pokémon that doesn’t evolve. When you breed it, it hatches fully grown with a baby in its pouch. OK, super weird. Now let’s consider Cubone. It’s got the same coloring as Kangaskhan, even its shades of grey in the original games. Cubone is known as the “orphan” Pokémon, wearing its mothers skull on its head. 

The theory is that the glitch Pokémon known as Missingno is the missing evolutionary link between the two.

See the resemblance?

The collected minds on 4chan came up with this theory, and it actually makes a lot of sense. I also like it because it explains Missingno. Before the  release of the original games in Japan in 1996, Cubone evolved into Kangaskhan, eventually. The dev team removed the “missing link” middle evolutionary step. Rather than deleting it, they hid it in code and gave it the Pokédex number of zero.

That’s the same number as the infamous Missingno, the glitch Pokémon off the coast of Cinnabar. (A lot of weird stuff happens there, doesn’t it?) Not convinced? Don’t forget this: When Missingno evolves, IT EVOLVES INTO KANGASKHAN!


4) Team Rocket Leaders Hook Up

Giovanni, well known leader of Team Rocket and the Viridian City gym, has a child. That was revealed a couple years back when they had a Celebi event in the fourth-generation games. You time travel three years into the past and see a conversation between the evil leader and his son. Wait a sec, his son looks like, holy crap, it’s your rival, Silver! No wonder he was a super-douche most of the game.

Every time you battle him, he mentions how stupid you are for caring about your Pokémon. I guess we know where he got his sour attitude.

That haircut reeks pure evil.

You catch him telling Giovanni that he doesn’t want to be a part of Team Rocket. Oh, I guess he’s not as big a douche as I thought.

Anyways, after that scene you’re taken back to the present to a cave with a man and radio. It turns out that the man is none other than former Team Rocket leader, Giovanni. Over the radio, Team Rocket announces their return and asks Giovanni to join them. Giovanni is excited at the opportunity and turns to leave only to see you. You battle and beat him, preventing him from ever joining his Team Rocket again.

Now I’ll get to the other side of this. There’s a Team Rocket executive named Ariana. She’s essentially Giovanni’s replacement throughout the second-generation games, Gold, Silver and Crystal. Seeing that she is his replacement, she probably knows Giovanni very well. She also has the same hair color as Silver and the same color and style as a young Team Galaxy executive named Mars.

That’s right, Ariana is Silver and Mars’ mother, and Giovanni is their father! Well, at least he’s Silver’s, but that still means that Giovanni and Ariana got it on. The fact that they are all evil and douchey in their own ways is the icing on this horrible cake. Sadly, a cake that is not a lie.


3) Ditto Is a Failed Experiment to Clone Mew

Mew is the ancestor to all Pokémon in the world. Mew can learn any move, even Transform. Hmm, Transformisn’t Ditto the only other Pokémon that can learn that move?

Ditto would have to know every Pokémon’s forms and moves, so it’s possible that Ditto’s powers are genetic. Interesting thing, when you consider Mew is genetically linked to all other Pokémon, being their ancestor and all. Ditto also shares Mew’s color scheme in both regular and shiny sprites from the third generation onwards.

That’s not all, folks. They have the same weight in the Pokédex. So, there’s that, and they can both use any move in the Pokémon world. Now we come to the Pokémon Mansion. In Red and Blue, it contains statues of Mew, along with scientists’ notes on Pokémon experimentation.

Don’t be fooled. It’s basically the Pokémon version
of the Umbrella Corp. mansion.

This mansion is also supposed to be the birthplace of Mewtwo, but that’s a whole other can of worms. Here’s the topping on this theory’s sundae. In the Yellow version of the game, what Pokémon is waiting for you there? Ditto.

He’s not just a pink blob with a screwed up face. He’s a failed experiment to clone Mew from the same line of experiments that spawned Mewtwo. I rest my case.


2) Gary’s Rattata

To start this one off, we need to understand one thing: Pokémon can die. WAIT! I thought Pokémon just fainted! Apparently not. There’s the Pokémon Tower in Lavender Town that’s a giant mausoleum. I’m pretty sure they don’t keep living Pokémon there. There are even trainers who catch these souls and use them in battle! Evil Mediums!

It’s also pretty hard to have ghost
Pokémon without dead Pokémon.

Back to the point, Gary Oak (or “Douche” as I’ve named him on several occasions) pops up at the most inconvenient times to battle you, earning whatever crude name you gave him. He has a Rattata/Raticate that’s a staple in his party up until you encounter him in the Pokémon Tower in Lavender Town. When you see him at the tower, he asks you whether you know what it’s like to have your Pokémon die. Weird thing to ask out of nowhere, right?

But remember back to your last battle on the S.S. Anne, the last battle he had his Rattata. You gave him a good beating and told him to take a hike. Only, he couldn’t get off the crowded cruise ship and, as the theory goes, his Pokémon died. That’s right, he’s at the tower to lay his pal to rest. A Pokémon who fainted when you beat him, never to wake up again.

If only his Rattata was in the top percentage of Rattatas like Youngster Joey’s. In a way, you took his innocence. He never actually blames you for it, though. Instead, he uses the grief to make him a stronger trainer. He loses that “Smell ya later!” attitude and becomes the Pokémon Champion—fifteen minutes before you beat him, taking it all away again. Maybe I should’ve named myself Douche…


1) The Pokémon War

Here’s my favorite theory of all. There is speculation that the nice, cute world of Pokémon was ravaged by a massive war right before the start of the first generation games, Red, Blue and Yellow.

You start the game with no father to speak of. Your rival has no parents and lives with his sister and aging grandfather who gets you to do all his research. The majority of the Kanto region’s men are either children or very old. The few men that are around are involved in Pokémon Gyms or Team Rocket; jobs that involve fighting with Pokémon. Also, every town has a shop that sells healing items and a Pokémon medical center. Are there any human medical centers? Nope.

Wait, why aren’t there any human hospitals?
What are you hiding?

Still, though, on the surface, everything still seems fine, doesn’t it? But there’s a larger puzzle out there, and Lt. Surge has the last piece. “Hey, kid! What do you think you’re doing here? You won’t live long in combat! That’s for sure! I tell you kid, electric Pokémon saved me during the war!”

War? Now it all makes sense! All the men are either gone or Pokémon Trainers because they all fought and died in a war! Now I’m hoping for a rated-M Pokémon prequel detailing its events. After Pokémon Conquest, that could be next. And all you wanted to be was the very best.


Long story short, I would love a Pokémon game that leads into the war, which you also play thru. It would easily be an awesome Pokémon game with great stories & plots that are just awesome.

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Ive seen this before, its pretty interesting

When the herd loses its way, the shepard must kill the bull that leads them astray.

Good read... This whole pokemon war thing sounds very intriguing... The new Pokemon anime looks a bit dark so maybe they might mention something like it


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Jizz_Beard_thePirate said:

Good read... This whole pokemon war thing sounds very intriguing... The new Pokemon anime looks a bit dark so maybe they might mention something like it


I won't. Sure is dark and explain a lot of things but there is nothing about these theories

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Missingno cheat was my favorite lol catching all kinds of over leveled pokemon on the water lol

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Omg... That Cubone's scene was so sad... I swear I almost cry... Haha! Now, these theories are very interesting, all of them but my fav is the Mew-Ditto one! Hehe!