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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Star Wars: Force Collection has been released.....

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Which version are you

iOS 4 36.36%
Android 1 9.09%
Neither 4 36.36%

Yay! More games for the handheld gaming leaders!

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Downloading now! Yay

So it is happening...PS4 preorder.

Greatness Awaits!

The game was greatly anticipated by Star Wars fans and collectible card players alike and it surely adds value to its specific genre. However, I still believe that microtransactions spoiled the fun! A simple game like Ninja Barbecue Party would according to me to more enjoyable as it’s totally free. Gamers have also been deceived by the fact that the game can only be played with a connection. Moreover, the official developer’s site,, is in Japanese making it terribly hard to get in touch or find help of any sort! Quite sad!