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Forums - Gaming Discussion - PS4 or Xbox One? Vote in the poll (region-split) - PS4 down to 85%!

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PS4 or Xbox One?

PS4 - I live in North America 302 21.77%
Xbox One - I live in North America 307 22.13%
PS4 - I live in Europe 277 19.97%
Xbox One - I live in Europe 284 20.48%
PS4 - I live in South America 56 4.04%
Xbox One - I live in South America 66 4.76%
PS4 - I live in Asia 24 1.73%
Xbox One - I live in Asia 25 1.80%
PS4 - I live outside of A... 22 1.59%
Xbox One - I live outside... 24 1.73%


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PS4 will be first sometime a year after launch. Xbox One isn't out of the cards if the software is there. They need JRPGs mainly if they want me to buy it.

PlayStation 4 - Asia

For me, its PS4, a year or two down the line depending on when/wich games come out.
Wii U is also a good possibility for next year, but it isnt part of the poll.

I choose ma ps3!!!112121

PS One/2/p/3slim/Vita owner. I survived the Apocalyps3/Collaps3 and all I got was this lousy signature.

Xbox One: What are you doing Dave?

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Wow PS4 is beating XBox One in Europe 14-0

North America - PS4

Xbox One - NA

riderz13371 said:
Xbox One - NA

you? really?

PS4, its cheaper, it has way better games imo and it won't spy on me :).