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Forums - Sony Discussion - Do people still play MAG?

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Do you still play MAG?

Yes 12 28.57%
No 26 61.90%

Apparently not, I played it a few years ago.

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The last time I played was back in November, I think. Suppression and Sabotage were the only lobbies with enough players. If I remember correctly, there were about 750 people playing total.

I played it maybe twice. I wasn't impressed.

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I played it at a friend when it came. I didn't like the shooting mechanics. They weren't broken, but they just felt off. Haven't played it since.

the last time I played it was 3months ago. And if I remember correctly there was only 1game of domination and a few hundred man playing team deathmatch. It took me a few mins to get in a game

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there is still a hardcore community on at certain times.