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Puzzle & Dragons, GungHo’s Addictive Cash Cow, Is Coming To Consoles This Year

By Spencer . February 26, 2013 . 2:27am

Puzzle & Dragons made GungHo Online Entertainment a small fortune. With an estimated revenue of $2 million a day, Puzzle & Dragons is a huge hit for the company that owns Ragnarok Online and recently acquired Grasshopper Manufacture.



Puzzle & Dragons was designed for smartphones and GungHo Online Entertainment plans to expand the game’s reach with a console version. In an interview with Yahoo! Japan, CEO Kazuki Morishita said a console version will be available before the end of the year. Morishita said he is thinking about how to change the game’s vertical layout since Puzzle & Dragons was designed for smartphones.


Morishita also talked about Puzzle & Dragon’s early development. The team originally designed Puzzle & Dragons with a horizontal screen layout. Another surprise is the game also had Western RPG style art instead of the friendly looking dragons. The game had a realistic feel to it, but was changed so the character and monster artwork fit well with a smaller screen.

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Yep they are doomed.....Angry birds sold 1 mil I hear ~.~ so I'm sure this will do as much if not more.


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