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Forums - Sony Discussion - Official PlayStation 4 Thread- News: PS4 PlayStation Plus Details: Cross Game Chat doesn’t require the service / News: DayZ set to arrive on PS4, but could skip Xbox One / News: PS4 Includes 500GB Ha


What did you think of E3?

Great 116 75.82%
Boring in the first half ... 5 3.27%
Bad 1 0.65%

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Welcome to the Official PlayStation 4 Thread.  Discuss Anything That Is PlayStation 4 Related

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Post #3: Articles/News

Post #4: Videos

Post #5: Previews/Reviews 

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Post #6: Rumors


Post #7 Live Streams

Post #8: Community Play

If you want to join a Community Play event, just post in this thread. No Microphones required.  All events are just to have fun and not being competitive.  

Title Date System Slots Open

Post #9: Community Video

Community Video is where you can PM me a link or Post in this thread for your video on Youtube to be put here for the community to see it.  It doesn't have to be a  high quality video.

Post #10: Games List

Game Release Date Developer PS Exclusive
Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag Fall 2013 Ubisoft No
Battlefield 4 Fall 2013 Dice No
Basement Crawl Fall 2013 Bloober Team No
Blacklight Retribution TBA Zombie Studios No
Call of Duty: Ghosts Fall 2013 Infinity Ward No
Carmageddon: Reincarnation TBA Stainless Gamess No
Cyberpunk 2077 TBA CD Project No
Daylight 2014 Zombie Studios Yes
DC Universe Online Fall 2013 Sony Online Entertainment Yes
Deep Down TBA Capcom No
Destiny TBA Bungie No
Doki Doki Universe TBA Human Nature Yes
Diablo 3 TBA Blizzard No
Driveclub Fall 2013 Evolution Studios Yes
Dying Light TBA Techland No
Elder Scrolls Online TBA Bethasda Timed
Fifa 14 Fall 2013 EA Sports No
Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn TBA SqaureEnix Yes
Final Fantasy XV TBA SquareEnix Unknown
Hohokum  2014 Honeyslug Yes
Infamous: Second Son Q1 2014 Sucker Punch Yes
Killzone: Shadow Fall Fall 2013 Guerrila Games Yes
Kingdom Hearts 3 TBA Square Enix Unknown
Knack Fall 2013 Japan Studio Yes
Lords of the Fallen 2014 City Interactive No
Madden 25 Fall 2013 EA Sports No
NBA 2K14 Fall 2013 2K No
NBA Live 14 Fall 2013 EA Sports No
Need for Speed Rivals Fall 2013 Ghost No
Pinball Arcade TBA Farsight Studios Yes
Planetside 2 Fall 2013 Sony Online Entertainment  Yes
Primal Carnage: Genesis TBA Lukewarm Media No
Rocketbirds 2: Evolution TBA Ratloop Yes
Shadow Warriors TBA Digital and Flying Wild Hog No
Silent Enemy TBA Minority Media Unknown
Skylanders: Swap Force Fall 2013 Vicarious Visions No
Sniper Elite 3 2014 505 Games No
Super Motherload Fall 2013 Xgen Studios Timed
Super Stardust(untitled) TBA Housemarque Yes
The Evil Within TBA Bethasda No
The Walking Dead Season 2 TBA Telltale Games No
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 2014 CD Project No
The Witness TBA Indie Timed
Thief TBA SquareEnix No
Tiny Brains Fall 2013 Spearhead Games Yes
Tom Clancy's The Division TBA Ubisoft No
UFC Fall 2013 EA Sports No
War Thunder: Ground Thunders Fall 2013 Gaijin Entertainment No
Warframe Fall 2013 Digital Extreme Yes
Watchdogs Fall 2013 Ubisoft No
Wolfenstein: The New Order Q4 2013 Bethasda No