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Forums - Sony Discussion - #2 Easter Egg - Uncharted 3 (The Last Of Us)

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The search continues as a user on ND's forums along with many others, including yours truly, is searching for what Arne said in an interview on GameTrailers I believe. He claims there is another easter egg that points to The Last Of Us, aside that of the newspaper in the london pub. There is one catch however: It is REALLY well hidden.

Here's what one of the guys have found so far. The second one was denied by Neil so yeah... Join us in this treasure hunt! xD

Personally, I've beat the game litterary 25 times and I havent really found anything xD.



The picture in the game looks a little like this:



Am I going to far?


EDIT: Found another one



The Background in the TV looks alot like this:



Edit: 2  

“@solidus12: @neil_druckmann Is that Ellie?…” nope.

— Neil Druckmann (@Neil_Druckmann) January 8, 2013

Interesting finds xD

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They do actually look reasonably close.... I am less convinced by the second one though, it doesn't quite seem right

Second one was debunked so yeah, no words on the first yet