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Forums - Sony Discussion - Starhawk Update - £28.49 (full game) / £15.99 (multi-player edition) + free single-player for PS+

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As many of you know, the team here at Lightbox Interactive has been hard at work developing all of theStarhawk Updates to help support the Starhawk Community. With today’s announcement, we’ll help grow that community even more with something that a ton of players from around the world have asked for – a digital-download version of Starhawk, and not just the original version, but one that has is packed with all of our the awesome updates we’ve made since our initial release!

Yeah, you read that right: we now have three, three, THHRREEEEEEEE ways for you to download the exact type of Starhawk experience you’re looking for on 26th September.

First you can get the complete Starhawk experience by downloading the Full version for €34.99/£28.49. Another option for you – and this is an INSANE deal – is the Starhawk: Multiplayer-Edition for just €19.99/£15.99! This includes one of the best PlayStation 3 multiplayer experiences and all of the updates we’ve released since the game originally launched.

Last, but certainly not least, is another killer deal for all PlayStation Plus Members. You guys get the Starhawk: Singleplayer Campaign at no additional cost!

Starhawk is another great addition to the Instant Game Collection that PS Plus members already know and love! If you haven’t gotten a chance to read Stephen Totilo’s article on Kotaku about just how awesome the benefits of PS Plus are, you totally should. PS Plus is by far the best value out there!

And because I’m a tease, I’ll leave you with this… We have something else *VERY* tasty in store for all the PS Plus Members, so keep your eyes on the blog for another announcement very soon. *tickle-tickle*

But wait… there’s more ’cause I’m not *JUST* a tease! As you know, about a month ago we released the Starhawk 1.03 Update that had a ton of great new features including two completely new maps on the Planet of Cypress. The team and I were so stoked to see how happy the Starhawk community received it, that we’re excited to release our Starhawk 1.04 Update on 26th September with even more awesome-sauce, including three brand-new gameplay modes!


^ Picture of some new DLC concept art.



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3 new game modes coming to Starhawk, free as per the previous DLC.

I gotta say, this is the game that keeps on giving for me.  Great multi-player when it launched, complimented by some fantastic DLC maps a couple of months ago and now this!

I had stopped playing this game about two weeks ago but looks like I'm at least heading back for a while to play this :)


If I didn't have so many games to play, I would probably pick this up..... or even the full retail game....

So many games!!! Honestly it's overwhelming, and sadly games like this then get buried in the dust.

Playstation All-Stars is one of the best games I've played this gen, and is the most fun I've had in a game this gen.

Sounds like a neat idea. Just like Killzone 3. The game is pretty cheap now if someone wants to pick up retail copy.

I want!

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This is great but it really should have been there at launch imo.

Updated the OP with new information. 3 new game modes coming to Starhawk.

Wow, excellent support by Lightbox! This makes the PSN download a lot more enticing. Depending on the price, I'm probably going to give it a download when it releases. (if it exists, of course).

Considering getting it.

meh,I'd rather have new maps. I mess around with CTF mode %95 of the time anyways.