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Release date: September 18, 2012

The goods:

Soundtrack: Street Fighter, Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo, Street Fighter Alpha 3, Street Fighter 3: Third Strike, Street Fighter 4, Street Fighter X Tekken, Remix tracks

Video: Street Fighter 4 movie, Street Fighter 4 Juri movie, Street Fighter 4 (Some movie), Street Fighter 2: The Animated Movie, Street Fighter 2: The Animated Series (American cartoon)

Games: Super Street FIghter 4 Arcade + Costumes, Street Fighter X Tekken + Costumes, Street Fighter 3 Third Strike, Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo

Statue: Ryu doing a rising dragon fist

Apparel: Ryu karate belt with kanji

The Bad: All DLC, PSN games are all in one code.  Sucks if you bought the games but not the costumes and you wanna give the games away (Which is my case).


Now I'm sure we all have these games already, so to christen my collection, I wanna challenge people to Street Fighter 4, Street Fighter X Tekken, Street Fighter 3, Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo: HD Remix (Since my friends suck and don't wanna play anymore).  I know there's a Street Fighter 4 challenge thread already, but that's not in my buddy thread list and I don't think any matches got made.  So with that said:

Thursday: Street Fighter 2: Turbo 8pm Eastern time

Friday: Street Fighter 3: Third Strike 8pm Eastern time

Saturday: Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition 8pm Eastern time

Sunday: Street Fighter X Tekken 8pm Eastern time

PSN: DarkKnightKryta

If someone wants to setup times for a 360 tournament please feel free to do so.  I encourage disolitude or d21Lewis to set up some matches... as I don't know of anyone else on the site who can :S.

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No takers? :(

I do like that statue. I might purchase it.

that's a good deal for hardcore fans of the series. I've played a couple of those games. I'm just to bad at the series,to really get into it.