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Which is better, Nintendo Land or Rabbids Land?

Nintendo Land 7 77.78%
Rabbids Land 2 22.22%
Just show me results 0 0.00%

Which is better?

Decide after seeing these video demonstrations

Rabbids Land

Nintendo Land

My Pick: Rabbids Land

PS: I could not tag Rabbids Land since vgchartz doesn't have that game yet

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Nintendo Land is more archiac, Rabbits Land is more in your face wackyness!

Both are fun, but it's no brainer wich one the demographic is going pick...

I have to say, this is a bit of a suprise to me, Rabbits Land!

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Nintendo Land. It comes bundled.

Nintendo Land seems more fleshed out and better package overall, while Rabbids Land mini-games looks partyish and daft.

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