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Forums - Gaming Discussion - This is E3 in a nutshell (Comparing new technology to old technology!)

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While watching the E3 2012 keynotes, did you ever feel like you could experience all the new game industry "breakthroughs" on your own a whole lot cheaper? Well, then Maniac Mike has a deal for you!


Basil's YouTube Channel


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Basil's YouTube Channel


Maniac mike! He so Crazy!

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"Special 5 hour presentation of iJustine playing the first level of Portal again" XP

Man, I spent over 5 hours watching E3 conferences. I could've just watched this instead!

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I like you Basil.

Mega64 love.

Before the PS3 everyone was nice to me :(

My reaction over all the conferences

That was actually pretty damn funny!

Deoz said:

My reaction over all the conferences

LOL Fresh Prince <3 haha

Often these videos aren't funny. They try too hard, then fall flat. This isn't one of those videos.