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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Diablo III Sets Blizzard Preorder Record

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A lot of people have already pre-purchased Diablo III. Blizzard said the game set a new, all-time preorder record for the company.

During an earnings call this afternoon, CEO Mike Morhaime stated that 2 million people total signed up for the Diablo III beta, which includes numbers from the open beta a few weeks ago. "Our players are clearly excited about Diablo III as it's already set a Blizzard record for preorders, including those who signed up for the annual pass.”

Diablo III launches next Tuesday, May 15.

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:O 2.5m+ first week?

Haha, makes the statements from an analyst recently about "selling 3.5 million this year" a tad bit silly...

''Our players are clearly excited about Diablo III'' Really? you don't say! blizz guy, after 978 years of wait, how could we be exited for it? i don't get it... ¬¬

After all this time I wonder if I'll still find the game play addictive, Torchlight didn't keep my interest very long.
I'll get a console version if it has offline multiplayer.

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SvennoJ said:
After all this time I wonder if I'll still find the game play addictive.

I had my doubts too but I cave in and pre-order.

Do not allow yourself to be blinded by fear and anger. Everything is only as it is.

and i haven't even pre ordered mine yet

like i said few days ago, it's "only" the german amazon and amazon sales didn't indicate a lot in the past but if a game is half a year on place one in game charts BEFORE release, it can't be so bad^^