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Forums - Sony Discussion - Starhawk Vehicles Tear Into the Spotlight In New Trailer

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Vehicles are a big part of the Starhawk experience, so it's probably a good idea to prepare yourself on what they each have to offer. If the names JetBike, Razorback, tank, and Hawk don't mean anything to you now, you'll be a pro after watching this new trailer.

The clip below shows off some of Starhawk's vehicles, from the fast-but-vulnerable JetBike to the transformable Hawk. There's something for everyone, unless you want an ice-cream truck or something weird like that.


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the beta was awesome i can't wait for the full game

I played the beta and I had fun.
It feels like I am playing macross with the hawk. XD

pezus said:
That looked pretty damn good! Was it single player footage?

nah looked like multiplayer footage to me, here's a bit of the single player from last year's E3

Looking to be a solid game :D

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seeing the sidewinders in formation makes me wish there was an option to race them in the game...I can dream...

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Loved the beta, loved Warhawk, will buy this day 1

Just found out about this game.... I am pretty hyped about it, looks so fun!

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ljigga said:
Just found out about this game.... I am pretty hyped about it, looks so fun!

Its fun as hell alright :D

the beta was fantastic! 3rd person shooter meets rts?! 2 of my favorite game types combined?! just got twisted metal and only played it for 3 weeks because i found this beta. couldn't stop playing for 3 months. If i have the time and cash this is a day one purchase no question. Soooooooooo much fun.