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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Meet Dr. Earnhardt In The Latest Gameplay Trailer For Far Cry 3

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The latest gameplay trailer for Far Cry 3 officially introduces us to Dr. Earnhardt and his hallucinogenic medicines.

We also get to spend a little bit more time with Vaas (for better or worse), and see new gameplay elements like hang gliders, and possible animal interactions with sharks and giant lizards. The trailer also makes it pretty clear that the player is losing control of reality.

Check out the trailer below, keep an eye out for the game on September 4.


Here's some more information about Dr. Earnhardt:

"Dr. Alec Earnhardt basks in an artificial glow of life generated by the pills he takes daily.  He hails from Oxford and went sailing around the world after a personal tragedy.  This is how he discovered Rook Island and all of the wonderful chemicals growing in the local flora.  He set up a lab on the island and now makes his living selling drugs on the black market."

Sounds like a a totally stable dude.



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