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Forums - Sales Discussion - Resistance 3 ----- 1 Million Sales!!!

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What do you think lifetime sales will be?

less than 1.25m 13 9.35%
1.25m 15 10.79%
1.5m 27 19.42%
1.75m 14 10.07%
almost 2m 27 19.42%
2m 16 11.51%
2.25m 8 5.76%
2.5m 4 2.88%
2.75m 4 2.88%
3m 11 7.91%

Resistance 3

Global Total as of 21st Jan 2012 (units): 1.00m
Platform: PlayStation 3
Developer: Insomniac Games Genre: Shooter

after all the reports, articles, and comments about Resistance 3 bad/terrible sales, it has now reached the much coveted 1 million sales markers.

it has accomplished this feat in just 4 months, something most games could only dream of.

so here is a thread to give tribute to this great game and its good sales.

what do you guys think are the sales pretty good? what do you think the sales will end up at lifetime.

what do you think of the game?

Do you think the sales that came with the 3D display were counter, ioi did tell me they would be hard to track.

Anyway, here's to Resistance 3!!!

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The Alan Wake of the PS3 (sales wise) :P

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sales2099 said:
The Alan Wake of the PS3 (sales wise) :P

Both great games that deserves better sales.


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it deserves all of these sales :D

wait for real? 0_o not bad at all..but from what I heard about the SP of the game it deserves more..but congrats

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1 million sales for a shooter game and its previous two iterations sold 3 million copies each. Resistance series must not be that popular with PS3 fans. The shooter game market is saturated with a large number of FPS/TPS shooter games providing gamers with endless choice.

This game is really good!! I got the platinum trophy for Resistance 2 and 3. o/

sales2099 said:
The Alan Wake of the PS3 (sales wise) :P

Except Resistance 3 hasn't been overhyped nor had 5 years+ of developpement.

Nice, deserves way more though. A massive step up from 2.

Well deserved !!