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Forums - Sony Discussion - Which Vita game will be the best-selling by the end of 2012?

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I think it will be the Call of Duty game that's supposed to come out this year. Make your predictions! 

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Since we don't know the holiday lineup the safe bet is uncharted. But if Call of duty or something is a holiday launch it could win.

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Assassins Creed or if rumors are true monster hunter but if rockstar release a gta game this year no one would stand a chance.


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I'll go with Uncharted: Golden Abyss (assuming there's no Monster Hunter this year).


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Isnt it too early? Outside launch games we dont know whats going to be released.

Monster hunter if it comes out this year.

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Kinda hard to say, its either Call of Duty (if its get released this year) or Uncharted in NA.

In Europe I dont know.

In Japan, probably Tales of Innocence R or another RPG that comes out this year (which will probably be announced at E3) eventually.


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ils411 said:
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What you talking about ;o, Its the best selling Vita game in 2011!


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