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While this isn't explicitly stated, I think it's reasonable to infer from these statements that Wada is still unconvinced by Nintendo's success. Easiest example: he refers to "real" games currently having a weak audience in Japan, logically implying that the games that are currently doing well, such as Wii Fit and Wii Sports, are "not real" games. Frankly, that sort of terminology is straight out of a troll's textbook on this site. 

Whether you think his wording is fair or unfair, whether you think it's a smart or dumb position to take, I think it's reasonable to conclude that SE is consciously resisting a shift towards Nintendo-style development, and this could very likely have an effect on how they support the various platforms this generation. 


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How is it being Bodhesatva?

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RolStoppable said:
How is it being Bodhesatva?

Pretty awesome. I'm currently knee deep in mewing kittens. Also, I have Taquitos. 


I don't blame him for his pesimism but he also has to realize that the Wii has yet to really showcase any accomplished game that is targeted towards the Japanese audience outside of causals.

We also have to remember that large part of Square's stock is owned by Sony so possible motivation to naysay competition may be at play here as well. Konami who is similaraly tied to Sony has also issued similar statements, though more insulting, towards the Wii saying it isn't mature enough to handle their games.

i'll read the article in a second but if i was SE and i spent waay to much money on FFXIII i'd be pissed the ps3 isn't winning too. Well i guess you didn't say pissed but it's like when insomniac came out declaring the ps3 to be soo awesome - well yeah, that's where you develop games so you'd better hope it's soo awesome or you're going to lose money.

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Well as much as it is a very trollish statement, it does kind of make sense. I honestly can't immagine SE ever making a "casual" game, I mean it's like giving your PC records to read data, they just don't seem compatable. And if the "big sales" are all casual type games, maybe they think it's cutting into they're market, if that was the case I woulden't want Nintendo ruining my audience :/

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I don't really think this means SE is resisting any kind of shift. Wada has trash talked all 3 consoles, first the PS3 and 360, now the Wii. It almost sounds like he doesn't like any of the consoles...until you read this part of the interview:

Secondly, when Square Enix was born as a result of the merger five years ago, we expected that the whole concept of games would change in three ways: input, output, and communication or networking. I think this consciousness must have been shared with Nintendo, because since then they've produced the Wii and the DS.

Doesn't sound like they're resisting Nintendo, it sounds like they agree with them.

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But casuals are not the only thing Nintendo is selling to Japan either and there's no reason to think a traditional game would be anymore successful on another console other than Nintendo's.

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Ah, so Sony pays Konami to worsen the graphics on their Wii games? :)