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Forums - Sony Discussion - The Last Guardian Canceled UPDATE: according to Gamestop, but Sony disagrees

So apparently, I pre-ordered The Last Guardian from gamestop some years ago and completely forgot about it. Anyways. I just got an automated phone call from GS that said something like, " your pre-order for the Last Guardian has been terminated because the vendors confirmed that The Last Guardian has been canceled."

Dunno if the word is out yet on the interwebz but I thought I'd share this.


Update including recording:



According to several GameStop customers and employees, The Last Guardian has been removed from GameStop's computer system and possibly canceled. Clerks at several stores confirmed that the game was no longer listed among titles that were coming soon and several customers of the store have received calls telling them that the game had been canceled. Blogger Darren Hupke even recorded the message. A search of the retailer's web site also shows no trace of the game.

For the moment we're without official confirmation, so we've got our fingers crossed that this is just a clerical error. Of course, with the recent departure of Fumito Ueda, we can't say this would come as a complete surprise (despite Ueda being "committed to completing" the game).

We've reached out to Sony and the company is checking into it, we'll let you know what we hear.


Update, Sony - "This is not true!"


GameStop Says The Last Guardian is Canceled, Sony Says It’s Not

Customers of the world's largest dedicated video game retailer were shocked today when an automated phone call went out declaring the cancellation of Team Ico's eagerly-anticipated PlayStation 3 exclusive The Last Guardian. Say it isn't so, Sony!

While it is true that The Last Guardian creator Fumito Ueda recently vacated his position at the head of Sony's Team Ico, we've been told on several occasions that the move would in no way affect the development of the PlayStation 3 boy and his giant bird-thing game.

Yet now GameStop is telling customers the game has been cancelled. Indeed the game has been removed from the company's online website, and calls to two retail locations indicate it's no longer in their point-of-sale system either. Does GameStop know something we don't? Is the game canceled?

According to Sony's senior director of corporate communications, Patrick Seybold, the cancelation is not a real thing. "This is not true." It doesn't get much clearer than that.

So what gives, GameStop? I've reached out to the retailer for comment, and will update this post as soon as I receive a response. Until then, The Last Guardian is still a going concern; Sony says so.

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You've gotta be shitting me

Gaf is going wild XD

This will be a dark christmas for some...

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Fuck sake. I feel sorry for that team for investing so much time and sony for all the money. If that is true.

Well this isn't going to end good..

Former something....

No way....

4 ≈ One

Doubt Gamestop would have any inside info on this Japanese made game. Curious why they would want to give peoples money back though, that's not like them.

As it was suggested on Gaf, maybe it's because Sony has no current plans to localize the title.