Online play to be charged on ps4?

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Will online play be charged on ps4?

Yes 108 47.79%
No 98 43.36%
I don't bother 20 8.85%

Flashback baby!

It's just that simple.

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Jay520 said:
sales2099 said:

So essentially, you are covering all your bases. lol I can give you hundreds of posts from dozens of forums and you can just say "ppl change their minds all the time".

lol nm. Same goes with me, in that your mind can't be changed in some things and we will use any and all fallback points to justify our stance.

Do you agree that people's opinions can change reasonable after nearly two years.

Also, I don't deny that the majority of people from other forums may have double-standards. Well, I can't really, since I was never there. So you could be right about those forums.

Yes I do agree with that. But theres always exceptions, like ones stance on free MP. Nm, we said our pieces on this...think were done for today, till next time ;)