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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Doom 4 “postponed” rumour is “complete b*****ks” – Bethesda’s Hines

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Kotaku are claiming that an undisclosed source has told them that id Software‘s parent companyZenimax have decided to “indefinitely postpone” the developer’s next project: the long-awaited Doom 4.

But Betheda’s Pete Hines has just said the rumour is “complete bollocks”.

The original source asserted that the decision was taken at a recent “company wide” meeting in Dallas, and that Zenimax and publishing arm Bethesda took it upon the basis of the “issues and reviews” that accompanied id’s latest release, RAGE – which had serious driver issues on PC when it launched. This apparently led to Zenimax having “a serious lack of confidence in the project management at id”.

Frankly, the rumour sounded more than a little unlikely – Doom is id’s signature franchise and one that would be guaranteed massive sales even if RAGE had been a total flop. Which it hasn’t been, averaging between 79 and 83 on the PCPS3 and Xbox 360 and selling over half a million copies on 360 alone in its first week.

Further, one finds it hard to imagine a scenario where John Carmack would be told he could know longer work on a Doom game, or where Zenimax would want to abandon the over 3 years of work that have already gone into the project.

But Hines simply tweeted today when asked about the rumour: “Complete Bollocks.”

Hines went on to say: “Re: DOOM 4 rumor, games are done when they are done and no title under development at id has been postponed – indefinitely or otherwise.”

So that’s that then?

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Great, now only if they could show us some footage of the game.