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Guys i turn 18 years old today.. I already wrote on the offical ND boards but got nothing.. Im from Sweden. If anyone can give me a code, you have my eternal cyber love!!!

and im easily one of the top Uncharted lovers in these boards xD!

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amaral_slb said:
Campers in Uncharted 3 Multiplayer??? Are you serious..... smh

yes there are quite a bit

Jeez guys, does no one read previous posts in threads? For those looking for codes/shares, look a little further back...

You guys need to stop playing and put some impressions here!

Ok, so the game has frozen twice on me while trying to get into a game...wtf

Edit: Three times and it takes forever to find a match...

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whos going to be nice and give me a code?

Being in 3rd place never felt so good

How does it compare to 2?

Damn I suck . It's hard to get back into console multiplayer shooters when it's been this long since last time.

But the game is great actually, multiplayer is much better than U2. Much more features, cooler maps. It's insanely smooth. One thing I hate though: It's insanely unbalanced, they put 5 lvl 30+ guys in the same team with lvl. 1-5 guys in the other team and then never mix it up from there...got owned hard because of this.

Ooh, stopped playing Team Deathmatch and played Team Objective instead. That is much more fun imo

ok guys, you better thank me for this or give me something in return. Here's an account you can use to download the Uncharted 3 multiplayer:

Email: Nathaneatsfresh@yahoo.com
password: 3tastysammiches

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