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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Parasite Eve II To Get US PlayStation Network Release

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Do You like Parastie Eve Series ??

Yes - It's a classic 11 91.67%
No - Not my type of game 1 8.33%
Yes - I already downloaded it on PSN 0 0%

Parasite Eve II To Get US PlayStation Network Release

The North American PlayStation Blog has confirmed that Square Enix classic, Parasite Eve II, will be released on the PlayStation Network this week.

Do You like Parastie Eve Series ??

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I can't wait!!!!!!!!

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never played it.

Should give a strong blow to the ebay prices, nice.
Physical copy or bust.

the 1st Parasite Eve is better though..

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Do we get points just for clicking on a poll? Anyways.....It has been a long time since I heard about this game, I am excited to get my hands on the series again! I don't think I played it since the original on the Playstation?

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how about a "ABOUT F***** TIME!!! poll option, people have been asking for it for months on the PS Blog.

sounds good to me

Glad to see it coming out but I do have the original so probably wouldn't get it again

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I'll probably pick it up on disc sometime. I really enjoyed T3B.