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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Blizzard attending gamescom 2011

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Blizzard has announced it will have a presence at gamescom 2011, and folks will be able to watch StarCraft II eSports showmatches, live World of Warcraft guild raids, hear company news and participate in or watch dance and costume competitions. The gamescom event takes place August 17 to 21 in Cologne and Blizzard’s booth will be in Halle 6.


Good to hear, gamescom really is growing!

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starcraft coming to consoles!!

Diablo 3 beta??? Come Blizz, you said third quarter 2011! D:

Hope they give a concrete Diablo 3 release date :( For anytime this year!

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If you like waiting go to one of their stands. Last year was pretty sick due to some new wow expansion.

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kitler53 said:
starcraft coming to consoles!!

No, a console player with a gamepad could never beat the single player on easy, not to mention win in multiplayer against pepole who use mouse and keyboard.

And if they dumb the game enough just so that it could be sold on consoles, pepole will lose all respect for that company.

Hopefully the IEM games will be good, anyone else here watching?

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