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$299 for NGP is a STEAL. Nintendo Will have massive Competition if true.

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So sony wants to lose the little bit of profit they've been getting from the PS3. Ok Sony, I SAY DO IT!

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Man I hope this is the price for the 3G models as well!!!

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HappySqurriel said:
Lionlicious said:

If you want a source, it's easy to google how much the iphone 4 costs to manufacture.

Just as a question, if the iPhone 4 is such a rip-off why don't we see similar products from other manufacturers at dramatically lower prices? After all, if you could make an iPhone 4 for under $200 why don't we see Microsoft selling a similar featured phone for $200 to $250 to capture marketshare?

In reality, the manufacturing costs are probably far higher than the iSupply numbers would indicate; and the market demands that these phones are artificially market up otherwise no one would buy into carrier's moronic contracts.

You see similar products for dramatically lower prices.

Samsung Galaxy S costs 350 euro and has better performance and oled screen.


If that's true that's a very competitie price point to start.  Perhaps the best business decision Sony has made in a while.

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SpartenOmega117 said:

remember people were blown away when sony announced a ps2 for $299. a full $100 less than the dreamcast. Soony has been putting high priced products out lately but i think they may have realized what made PS2 soo successful which was features, good price, and games.


If this is true then sonyy have gotten features down as well as good price. Now the gamez

I believe that SONY consumer Electronics is responsible for the higher prices on PlayStation Brand products of late. but now i looks like SONY Computer Entertainment is becoming more independent again.   

with the PS1 and PS2 SCI was very independent in its operations from SONY's Consumer Electronics and with the PSX was released in 2004 that seems to be were the start of the PlayStation Brand being used to sell products that were more consumer electronics based then Gaming machines with some other on Gaming functions

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This is really beginning to look like reality rather than fantasy.

Fact 1: GameStop already had a $999.99 pre-order placeholder price.

Fact 2: GameStop later switched their pre-orders to $299 with a $50 deposit.

Fact 3: iSuppli manufacturing cost breakdowns for comparable devices (iPad, iPod Touch) would put it in line with a $300 ballpark cost (with all costs per unit factored in to include marketing, shipping, etc. = sold at a loss), even factoring in for the two components currently not available in such devices (the ARM 9 CPU and GPU).


I'm going to say right now that the $299 entry price SKU is all but confirmed. The only big questions remaining are in regards to the 3G model and 3G network access fees/plans.

A $399 3G/32GB SKU would not surprise me at all.

Holy crap! It dropped $600 within a week.

Galaki said:

Holy crap! It dropped $600 within a week.

Erm... 999-299=?


Wow, with other price cuts it will be like 49.95 when it is released. :D

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HappySqurriel said:

Being that the launch date is 1/1/2012 I suspect that this is just guestimate/placeholder data ...

While retailers may get the official price before customers, I'm not convinced that Sony would have settled on the final launch price (roughly) a year before the system releases. After all, they will probably make that determination when they have a much more final estimate on the manufacturing costs; and they see how the 3DS sells at its $250 price.

Given the fact that the first quad core chip with similar specs has only just been sampled to manufacturers the price may be right given the likelihood that the handheld won't be out until 2012. The time between sampling and products is often up to 24 months, so even if they got it out quickly 12 months would be pretty unprecedented in the industry.

Another thing you'd have to consider is Nintendo probably takes a large margin on the 3DS whereas Sony doesn't. If Nintendo released the NGP it'd almost certainly cost $399 because thats how they operate their business. Sony on the other hand is willing to break even or even lose money in the short terms in order to meet strategic goals.