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Kresnik's Wall

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< COKTOE posted something on Kresnik's wall:

Finally trying out Papers Please this morning. Delightfully odd. :) And it passed the all important test of actually loading, which is rare these days.....:(.

How come, are Vita games crashing on you a lot these days?

If you like odd, then I think you'll love it. Let me know your thoughts once you're done with it, I'd love to hear them!

on 06 January 2019

The whole scenario is so improbable, spanning 2 active Vita's, and 6 active memory cards, and 2 cards I threw away. I've had PSN friends float theories trying to help me figure it our. My troubleshooting has been very comprehensive. There;s really not much more I can do at this point. My current thought is that the hardware itself is ruining the cards. That's 2 seperate Vita's remember....

As crazily unlikely as that sounds, it's one my best theories. My 2 newest 32gb cards, which were inserted, and have yet to even be removed, aren't working properly either, and it happened fast.

on 07 January 2019

I had a good chuckle with Paper's Please, when a woman came to the window, aggitated that she had been waiting for hours. After I denied her, I had a good laugh when she said: "Unbelievable"....."Go to hell."

on 07 January 2019

Yeah, that definitely sounds like a hardware problem. Wow, I'm so sorry to hear that's happening to you, what an absolute pain. I hope you manage to get things sorted soon.

Yeah, just wait until you meet Jorji! Or have you come across him already? :P

on 07 January 2019

< Machina posted something on Kresnik's wall:

Your latest Vita article really took off. Did it receive a lot of attention on a Vita dedicated site or something?

I've absolutely no idea what makes some of my articles take off and not others. I thought the 3D platformers one earlier this month would've done miles better than it did.

I always wondered if it was N4G. The only place I publicize is Twitter which I can't imagine reaches more than maybe 100 views. Do you have referral tracking tools to see where they're coming from?

on 22 October 2018

We used to but not anymore, else I wouldn't have had to ask xD

But no it's definitely not N4G in this case.

on 22 October 2018

Then I've no idea, sorry. It has happened with my own site sometimes - I've posted something and shared it on Era/Reddit/Twitter and gotten maybe 300 views, then it's rocketed up to > 2k the next day and I've no idea why. Wordpress' (useless) tracking tools show it as "search engines" and "chrome suggestions" which is what I think it defaults to when it's coming from a lesser known website.

I just assume it's some dedicated Vita group that I'm unaware of :P

on 22 October 2018

< COKTOE posted something on Kresnik's wall:

So, I bought Jet Set Radio on the Vita. I'm finding it to be an oddly emotional experience. The only other game from that era I went back and replayed was GTA 3, and the same thing happened. I got all wistful. Misty eyed....Anyway, I'm getting way off topic. The tutorial in Jet Set Radio makes me want to burn down a hospital. Have you ever tried it? Oh my god! I did it back on the DC, but a combination of skill erosion, tiny analog sticks, vague instructions, and floaty controls has made for a frustrating revisitation. I'm confident the main game will hold up, but that tutorial....

It's years since I played JSR, back when it launched on Vita in 2012! I should give it another go and review it haha.

Love the emotional nostalgia though. I get that way when I boot up the original Spyro games as well as various other stuff from the early PS1 days. It's an amazing feeling!

on 02 September 2018

< COKTOE posted something on Kresnik's wall:

Have you ever play any of the Vita's visual novels? I'm playing my first one, Psycho Pass: Mandatory Happiness. It's one long cut scene! :) Mostly enjoying it for what it is. It's actually made me interested in the anime.

I have indeed! My avatar is from Steins;Gate which is one of my favourite games of all time, so yeah :P

Haven't played Psycho-Pass yet, need to watch the anime first. I am planning on doing though!

on 08 April 2018

Of all time eh? That's high praise! I have it in my physical collection, but I've decided to put more of a focus on the PS+ games I have access to. They really pile up when you have all 3 PS systems active.

on 09 April 2018

< COKTOE posted something on Kresnik's wall:

I'm giving up on going for the plat in Toukiden. I knew going in it would be fairly challenging and a bit of a grind, but oh my god, I have limits! There's so much to track and plan, and I took closer look at the posts on the PlaystationTrophies thread, and it seems pretty daunting, especially doing it 100% solo. Kinda relieved tbh.

Haha, sorry to hear about your struggles buddy. I rarely go for platinums on games unless I'm smitten with them; I'm even less likely for hunting games knowing how tough they can be :P

on 13 February 2018

< VGPolyglot posted something on Kresnik's wall:

Merry Christmas!

Haha, what a nice image :P

Thanks a lot buddy. Merry Christmas to you too!

on 25 December 2017

< COKTOE posted something on Kresnik's wall:

I just beat a boss on Re;Birth 1 that's supposed to be a forced loss. lol. It's new game+, so my party is very op.

Haha, I didn't know you could do that! Has it changed the story at all?

on 20 December 2017

No, after the fight the dialogue still treated it as a loss. :) It was called Hard Breaker. Chapter 5. You fight it once ( forced loss ) then fight it again right away, where it can be beaten. I'm currently looking around to see if anybody else has done it, and can't find any evidence it happened before.

on 20 December 2017

I should also mention you get 0 xp and credits, which makes sense I guess.

on 20 December 2017

That's still pretty impressive though, well done!

on 20 December 2017

Meh. It was kinda cool at least, but really boild down to the fact that the game difficulty stays the same on new game+. I COULD manually increase it, but since I've already finished it, and am largely grinding for money, I'd rather be keep it as is to minimize the monotony. I'm enjoying the story in full again too. Not skipping any dialogue boxes and listening to most of the voice-overs. Thanks all the same though. :)

on 20 December 2017

< Machina posted something on Kresnik's wall:

I'm curious, which companies are still to come?

Compile Heart/Idea Factory; Marvelous/XSEED; Aksys; Devolver and then the big one - Sony.

on 10 December 2017

< COKTOE posted something on Kresnik's wall:

There's a sweet sale on the Vita Hyperdimemsion games on the PS store right now. All the older games and spinoffs are in the $5 range, and even the newer spinoffs like Sega Hard Girls and Blanc + Neptune Vs Zombies are in the $10 range. If you're interested get on it!

Thanks for the heads up! I own nearly all of them all already though haha (also I'm an EU gamer, sadly)

on 06 December 2017

Ah! I forgot about the difference in the EU and NA stores.

on 07 December 2017

Haha it's okay, I appreciate you letting me know all the same :)

on 07 December 2017

< Machina posted something on Kresnik's wall:

Note for future reference - all Twitter links auto-embed in articles. So writing something like 'You can view the trailer here' and hyperlinking to a Tweet on the 'here' will cause it to embed on the text.

Oh, thanks. What do you suggest for sourcing in articles when it's Twitter, then?

on 27 November 2017

< COKTOE posted something on Kresnik's wall:

What do you think of the idea of adding a list of the games mentioned, and the regions they released in each of your Vita articles? Not worth it? Incredibly Stupid? Totally awesome? I wasn't sure if I should post this. You do a great job as it is.

Yeah, definitely a good idea - I'm always up for suggestions! Where do you think I should include it though? After the conclusion, just a list of every game I've mentioned?

on 23 October 2017

I would say at the article's conclusion. I'm humbled you considering it. Just thought it'd be nice for quick reference.

on 23 October 2017

Haha, I appreciate you reading all my articles anyway so it's really nice to have some input! My next article might be a good one to do it with actually, so I might give it a go and see what Machina (my editor) thinks!

on 23 October 2017

< S.Peelman posted something on Kresnik's wall:

I'm only just now reading the Media Create thread from days ago, and I just want to say good luck at your new job!

Ah thank you very much man, it's lovely to hear from you again! (it's been a while)

I just started today, bit nervous but it was fine in the end, seems like I'm being thrown in at the deep end with workload though! :P

on 16 October 2017

Yeah they did that to me as well, it's okay though, you'll grow into it.

Indeed some time, but really lately (as in, like a year or something now) I've kind of been sticking to the same threads. I read a lot of the others, but I don't really have much to say anymore.

on 17 October 2017

That's not very different from my own viewpoint lately. It's not that I dislike it outside of those threads, but I just don't have as much to say on wider issues anymore :P

on 17 October 2017

We're just getting old I guess...

on 17 October 2017

< Machina posted something on Kresnik's wall:

Is Sony one of the companies you'll do an article on for Vita support? Though it would probably be way too big, it'd be interesting.

Actually what are the other companies you plan on writing about?

Sony are going to be the final article I write, I'm hoping I'll have it finished before the end of the year. Currently I'm focusing on having VGC catch up with my own website.

Other articles I have written or planned:

- Square-Enix
- Ubisoft
- Nippon Ichi (includes NIS America)
- Warner Bros
- Atlus
- Konami
- Compile Heart (includes Idea Factory International)
- Devolver Digital
- Marvelous AQL (includes XSEED)

Then Sony should be the very last one. Yeah, there's a hell of a lot to write for the Sony one, regardless of what people might think.

on 16 October 2017

< Machina posted something on Kresnik's wall:

A fellow Future Cop LAPD fan!

You betcha. Such an under-rated game, and one that I revisit at least once a year to play through Precinct Assault mode ;)

I was so happy I managed to get it on my Vita through a glitch!

on 15 October 2017

Hi. You seem to be a big Playstation Vita fan. So i'm curious, what do you think of the Switch? Do you feel like it's a good successor to the Vita? Can you see it replacing the Vita for you? Or do you think that it will disappoint?

I'm glad Switch exists because it'll allow me to continue with higher-quality portable gaming in the future. It's gotten a few games I'm interested in so far but nothing substantial. I won't be buying one any time soon because I have far too much left that I still want to play on Vita.

on 23 September 2017

Interesting! Wish that PS would make another portable, I never really got to experience them but i'd like some competition in the market.

on 23 September 2017

Vita's still worth getting if you've never had one, imo. I'd love Sony to make another portable, but it won't happen at this point, market has moved on.

on 24 September 2017

< Veknoid_Outcast posted something on Kresnik's wall:

Loved your most recent article!

Hey, thanks! I really enjoy writing about older-generation games (it's like 50% of the reason I love my Vita so much) so that one was quite fun to do!

on 13 September 2017

< VGPolyglot posted something on Kresnik's wall:

Thanks for accepting!!

Thanks for the add :)

on 11 September 2017

< Machina posted something on Kresnik's wall:

Quick reminder - you need to select articles from the drop down box for pieces like that. If you forget to do that it gets posted as news, which (as well as being incorrect) will prevent it showing up in the Latest Articles section, which means less views.

Copy/paste it into a new submission form with article selected. Everything should carry over that way.

Remember to set it to pending when it's ready for edits and publication too. It kinda looks like it was ready for edits(?) but was still set to draft, so I wouldn't know whether to check it out yet or not.

I often forget to use the drop down box myself - I have more than one article on the site hidden as news somewhere!

on 27 July 2017

Thanks, didn't realise that, I'll get on it.

And it's not ready for editing just yet, it's a straight copy/paste from my website so I need to migrate all the images across to the VGC server :P

on 27 July 2017

Ah ok, good to know it was intentionally left at draft then.

on 27 July 2017

Yup, I do get things right sometimes :P

(Could you please delete the original article that was set as news? I'll edit the new one tonight and tomorrow night, should be ready by the weekend if that's okay!)

on 27 July 2017

Don't be hard on yourself - you're doing better than the vast majority of new writers when it comes to learning the site's... eccentricities!

Will do. That's fine.

on 27 July 2017

< Dr.Vita posted something on Kresnik's wall:

I have never mentioned that in the PS Vita thread but I just want to let you know that I love to read your articles on your wordpress site! I am always interested to read your opinion, everytime you post a new article I read and enjoy it. Keep the great work up! :)

Thanks mate, that means a lot and I appreciate it :)

on 19 April 2017

< Mr.Joker posted something on Kresnik's wall:

if you don't mine,where did you got the famitsu numbers?

Which Famitsu numbers?

on 07 March 2017

the last week or any week

on 07 March 2017

Normally I'd pull them from, but the formatting is a bit funny for them, so I get them off NeoGAF Media Create threads recently.

on 07 March 2017

Thank you ❤

on 07 March 2017

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