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    < Wright posted something on homer's wall:

    Zing zing! Are you dead? :( Give us some update on your playthrough of Deus Ex!


    < noname2200 posted something on homer's wall:

    Season's greetings! I would like to personally invite you to join this year's Steam Secret Santa event, thread link below. Please drop by and help us make this holiday season a bit more merry for everyone. Looking forward to seeing you there!


    < Porcupine_I posted something on homer's wall:

    Just in case you forgot about your own hype thread, the game is out


    < MARCUSDJACKSON posted something on homer's wall:

    would you like to do the honers.http://www.vgchartz.com/tools/game_comparison.php?reg=Global&ending=Cumulative&game%5B%5D=MAG%3A+Massive+Action+Game+%28PS3%29+%5B35119%5D&game%5B%5D=&game%5B%5D=&game%5B%5D=


    on 07 January 2013

    mag has sold over 1m.

    on 07 January 2013

    the honers of making the thread for it selling over 1m units. it has yet to be mentioned.

    on 07 January 2013

    < noname2200 posted something on homer's wall:

    Hello! You are cordially invited to join our site’s third Steam Secret Santa event. Come help keep this community tradition alive, while also giving and receiving some great games. If you’re interested in joining, just PM me or post in this thread:


    by the 20th. Looking forward to seeing you there, and have a happy holiday season!

    < amp316 posted something on homer's wall:

    I know that I mispeled rulez and droolz...

    I would report you again but I don't know how to report wall posts.

    on 10 October 2012

    < Andrespetmonkey posted something on homer's wall:

    Why can't you have a discussion without resorting to flaming or just being generally unpleasent?

    Seriously... is it insecurity or just bitterness?

    I don't have a clue what you are talking about. Care to elaborate?

    on 05 October 2012

    You know exactly what I'm talking about... grow UP xD

    on 05 October 2012

    Well. In my defense, we are on a toy sales tracking website so... You still haven't told me what I have done which is upsetting me.

    on 05 October 2012

    I don't know what you've done to upset yourself

    on 05 October 2012

    I'm sorry. I am still confused. Are we friends now? I'll send you a friend request.

    on 05 October 2012

    Yes. I would accept, but I don't wanna go past 123 friends.

    on 05 October 2012

    This is the start of something great kid. I can feel it in my bones.

    on 05 October 2012

    For what it's worth, so can I

    on 05 October 2012

    < happydolphin posted something on homer's wall:

    You should vote in the poll *wink wink* ;)

    < Jay520 posted something on homer's wall:

    The Official Hitman Thread. Check it Out!


    < Salnax posted something on homer's wall:

    Hi. I noticed you haven't voted in this month's gamrConnect Most Wanted contest. If you're interested, the link is below.


    < homer updated his status:



    on 16 July 2012

    < Dr.Grass posted something on homer's wall:

    Loyal Subject,

    I release you from your burden. You may decorate your sig as you like.

    And I'm surprised to see an avatara ;)

    on 27 June 2012

    I think Plato's work is insignificant - just putting it out there.

    on 27 June 2012

    Cool. But if you ever change your mind, know it is yours.

    on 27 June 2012

    That's mighty noble of you.

    on 27 June 2012

    < happydolphin posted something on homer's wall:

    I'm really glad you stuck it to those hypocrites in the Nintendo seems unable to please its fans thread. Cherrypicking against Nintendo and not seeing the issue on their platform is something I'm no longer tolerating and I'm glad you had the arguments to back up your retort.

    In other words, GREAT JOB MAN, and post more, post more of your thoughts. Cheers.

    I still don't understand how they don't see that the similarities between Infamous and Uncharted. It's not a bad thing per se, but I guess they think it is.

    on 24 June 2012

    Well, if you and I can see the similarities between Mario and DK, all the while understanding the differences, I don't see why it's so much harder for them. Really, it makes me kind of revolted at them, while also feeling like there isn't much more I can do to help them you know what I mean?

    on 24 June 2012

    To be fair to their defensiveness, it isn't a good thing to offer similar experiences too often because that would mean there's a lack of variety. I mean for someone who likes a certain structure (I like M64, DK64, Banjo so more is better) than great, but when talking about the compelling nature of a platform, it is always better to offer more variety, so in that sense it's natural for them to want to defend against that, even though I agree with you that they're wrong, at least I understand why they're doin' it.

    on 24 June 2012

    Wait, you said infamous and uncharted were similar? In what way?

    Infamous is an open world superhero game for one, and Uncharted is a linear Hollywood action game.

    on 24 June 2012

    I haven't checked out the thread but if that's what you said I highly disagree, unless you had a really good argument in there.

    on 24 June 2012

    Just to clarify. I don't think they are copies by any means, just that the core mechanics are extremely similar. Basically their two main mechanics platforming(sticky hands) and their cover based third person shooting style. Of course, one is linear while the other open world, but the core mechanics and even the controls. Also, melee combat is extremely similar.

    on 24 June 2012

    Pezus, it's in the last pages of "Nintendo can never seem to please its fans" @25ppp, have a look.

    on 24 June 2012

    If that's partly aimed at me HD, I'd like to know what was hypocritical about what I said

    on 27 June 2012

    Not you APM, it was aimed at o_O.Q and PlayerX. I'm glad you asked.

    on 27 June 2012

    < Jay520 posted something on homer's wall:

    wait a minute...i forgot I hated you for your posts in this thread.


    I never forgot. I haven't forgiven you yet. Not for insulting me, but for stealing from Nintendo.

    on 23 June 2012

    < ithis posted something on homer's wall:

    So you lost the bet and all you got s a sign was a reminder of the bet? That's not harsh at all.

    Shh....I think the other person forgot about it. He mentioned he gave it up as a reward in some game though, so I don't think he has the right to it anymore so until the rightful owner claims it... it shall remain as it is. I was pretty close though.

    on 22 June 2012

    < Jay520 posted something on homer's wall:

    I like your posts

    That's funny because I feel the opposite about yours.

    on 18 May 2012

    What can I do to change that?

    on 18 May 2012

    Stop posting.

    on 18 May 2012

    I'm just messing with you. You're a fine upstanding young man.

    on 18 May 2012


    on 21 June 2012

    < RedInker posted something on homer's wall:

    I'll start on Skyward Sword tomorrow then my man get yourself some AA's and we can discuss our views and whether they've changed or not.

    Sounds like a plan.

    on 16 April 2012

    < green_sky posted something on homer's wall:

    It is a shoutout to the greatest storyteller and troll of all time. Yeah that's right, he convinced millions that Troy actually existed when it really doesn't.

    Haha love it :D

    < spurgeonryan posted something on homer's wall:

    :0 An avatar!

    I finally bit the bullet

    on 14 April 2012


    on 15 April 2012

    < spurgeonryan posted something on homer's wall:

    I moved to clarksville for the same reason most do. The Army. Then I got out and moved to Illinois.

    As for avatar, just save some picture you like to your desktop. Then go to Home on vgchartz, click on profile settings, then change avatar. click browse under the avatar screen, once you find the picture you saved to your desktop, click it and then click upload. Then you are good to go.

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