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    VGChartz PC Deals Thread - Guild Wars 2 $10 US this weekend (75% off)

    in PC Discussion on 25 January 2015 by trasharmdsister12

    So Guild Wars 2 is $10 US this weekend. Anyone have any experience with it? I was interested way back when and still am but I don't know if I'll have a lot of time to put in. Is it super grindy? ...

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    Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Thread "Tokyo Game Trailer Is UP!"

    in Sony Discussion on 19 September 2013 by gooch_destroyer

    Japan get's it first?...

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    Final Fantasy X HD looks better on PS Vita than PS3

    in Sony Discussion on 29 March 2013 by RazorDragon

    Will it run at native resolution, though? That's the most important question....

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    can i game on this?

    in PC Discussion on 07 February 2013 by tonymarraffa

    No Prob and Y's is one of the best RPG series of all time!...

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    Recommend PC games thread!

    in PC Discussion on 04 February 2013 by Sephira

    Okay, I'm bored, so here goes: Title: They Bleed Pixels Developper: I forgot Genre: Action/Platformer Why I like this game: This game is just epic fun. I mean, it's kinda cool that you can slash up enemies while jumping around in a level. Price: around 9$ (when not on sale) This game is purchasable on steam/desura ...

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    lol Final Fantasy: All the Bravest

    in Gaming Discussion on 20 January 2013 by BlkPaladin

    BasilZero said: noname2200 said: NintendoPie said:You know guys, I think we need to give SE a(nother) chance. Wait around 15 years and by that time we should have KH3 and VersusXIII. Then we can judge them again. I agree. You can't judge Square-Enix until its fiftieth Christmas. LOL!Man even though I still love SE after all the mistakes they had this...

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    FFVersusXIII - Nomura draws Noctis: "Please wait for his turn to appear."

    in Sony Discussion on 01 September 2012 by VXIII

    He looks sad for a reason....

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    What's going on with my computer? (graphics card not being used?)

    in PC Discussion on 23 August 2012 by Gilgamesh

    wow a hour and half of being on the phone with HP and dealing with his simple minded "fixes" I was left with a factory reset...yeh I'm not doing that. Biggest waste of time, but at least I know my warranty is good for another 3 -4 months, also opening it up would void warranty....

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    What's the worst movie you've ever seen?

    in Movies Discussion on 18 August 2012 by Corey


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    I got a PS1, suggest me some games!

    in Sony Discussion on 24 July 2012 by KungKras

    A question. I was thinking about getting a twisted metal game, since they are supposed to be fun multiplayer games. But there are 4 of them. Which one is the best?...

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    Rumor: Final Fantasy Versus XIII Is Dead

    in Sony Discussion on 24 July 2012 by VXIII

    This needs its own thread :-D http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/thread.php?id=145703...

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    First Impressions: Trine 2: Director's Cut

    in Nintendo Discussion on 22 July 2012 by crissindahouse

    i'm pretty sure that wii u version will look better than ps3 and 360 version and i see no reason why it shouldn't get the pc graphics (but not with same ssaa possibilities) and maybe even in 1080p but yeah, as long as there aren't those pictures we shouldn't compare wii u pictures which aren't wii u pictures with ps 3 pictures and you shouldn't say wii u version looks better than pc version and...

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    Old PC games - Share your memories

    in PC Discussion on 20 July 2012 by happydolphin

    ^That's a cool vid....

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    I Prefer Older Girls/Women To Younger Girls

    in NSFW Discussion on 29 September 2011 by demonfox13

    ghost_of_fazz said: demonfox13 said: Rainbow Yoshi said: blkfish92 said: Cirio said:14? You shouldn't even be worrying about women at that age. That's what I'm thinking. Well I do live in Gosport, the highest teenage pregnency town in Europe. Ok there young one *pats on top head.... there is a wonderful company called Nintendo and they...

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    Final Fantasy X - What to do next?

    in Gaming Discussion on 07 September 2011 by Antabus

    Offtopic: What was the monster near some sandy cliff edge? I have no idea what it was or never did I find him again but he kicked my ass very badly. It was quite early in the game and after that I grinded like f*ck just not to see that guy ever again. :D I want my vengeance....

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